Eat rice soup - bad habits that many people are suffering

Soup with soup can cause gastric juice dilution, stomach pain, especially not with young children.

Soup is almost a main dish at every meal, many people also say that without soup they will not "swallow" rice. In fact, many of us have a habit of chasing soup into rice to make it easier to eat. However, experts believe that this is a bad, anti-scientific and harmful habit, should be removed to avoid adverse effects on the digestive system.

Why should I not watch rice when eating?

According to the doctors, during meals you should limit the rice and soup, or drink filtered water, soft drinks. The reason is that the water will dilute the gastric juice, making the food in the stomach not yet digested into the small intestine, easily causing digestive diseases.

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There is no denying the benefits of soup in our meals, but when eating rice soup, this process will make the rice run into the stomach without chewing well, making the stomach work harder than laying Digest food. This habit in the long run will make you suffer from stomach pain. For those with stomach pain, it is absolutely not advisable to eat rice.

When chewing food, enzymes in saliva produce support for digestion and absorption of food, which is very beneficial for health. When the rice is cooked in the same soup, the digestive fluid is diluted by the water, thus reducing the absorption of nutrients, creating a feeling of fullness but very little nutritional quality, the doctor said.

Dangerous for small children

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Many families often use soup to eat rice for children to eat faster, but in fact children often eat the first soup, at this time the content of water in the abdomen will be very much leading to the phenomenon of virtual saturation, in the long run will lack quality . In addition, this habit will form a lazy reflex to chew, adversely affecting the development of jaw muscles in children. When the digestive system works normally, the food is easily digested and the body can absorb nutrients more quickly.

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How to eat for science?

  1. Eating soup is good, but eating it properly will promote its full effect. Refer to some of the following tips to create good eating habits for your family.
  2. When eating rice, you should eat dry rice, not soak soup, chew slowly, chew well to absorb nutrients from food and help protect your health and gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Practice scientific eating habits for young children, to avoid future unfortunate illnesses.
  4. Besides the soup to rice, also should not eat and drink at every meal, especially carbonated drinks. Because in carbonated drinks often contains large amounts of carbon dioxide, which causes pressure, leading to acute stomach pain.

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  1. In meals, drink soup before and after meals, not with rice. Adults, should drink soup before starting to eat rice and other food or eat the last soup. Those who want to lose weight can drink 1-2 bowls of soup before eating, creating a feeling of fullness, preventing eating too much rice.
  2. If the rice is dry, difficult to swallow, there may be less broth, or soup to chew more easily. But you still have to keep in mind when eating properly.
  3. Particularly for children, parents should only give their children the last soup, avoid making them too full, do not want to eat.