Compare Sharp, Toshiba and Panasonic air conditioners

Let's compare advantages and disadvantages of 3 brands of Toshiba, Panasonic and Sharp.

The beginning of summer is when families start considering buying air conditioners to be able to comfortably experience the hottest period of the year.However, on the market today, there are many different brands of air conditioners, making customers often wonder what kind of quality is suitable for their needs.Therefore, in this article, let us evaluate and compare Toshiba and Panasonic air-conditioners, Sharp to see what advantages and disadvantages of these three brands, which are suitable for any customers!

Outline of 3 brands: Sharp, Toshiba and Panasonic

Before comparing the superior features of the 3 lines of Sharp, Toshiba and Panasonic air conditioners, we will learn some information about these 3 brands to see what they have in common!

First of all, it can be seen that all three brands Sharp, Toshiba and Panasonic have a great point in common: they are all leading Japanese electronics and household brands, with a history of establishment and development. long development.For example, the Sharp brand was founded in 1912, with the original precursor of a metal workshop in Tokyo, Toshiba Corporation was established in 1873, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan or as Panasonic is a company whose original name is Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1918, headquartered in Kadoma, Osaka Prefecture of Japan.

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All 3 brands Sharp, Toshiba and Panasonic have their own strategic products, but they are mainly electronics, refrigeration and household appliances such asmicrowave ovens,air conditioners,ovens,washing machines,refrigerator.
Electronic products, refrigeration, household appliances originating from Japan are very famous and popular with consumers in the world because of their high durability and constant development of new and superior technologies. better performance.Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why for many years, these Japanese brand products have become famous and always the first choice of Vietnamese people.

However, in the general development trend, in order to stand firm in the market, there are always many competitors, each brand has to build its own advantages to become different, so the advantages. What is that particular?We will find out in the next section!

Compare Toshiba, Panasonic and Sharp air conditioners

To compare Toshiba and Panasonic air conditioners, Sharp is good, let's find out the advantages and disadvantages of each product.

Toshiba air conditioner rating

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  1. Air conditioner has a quite traditional design, usually there are few changes between different models so it is quite suitable for those who love the simplicity, not so much in terms of aesthetics and design.
  2. With large cooling capacity, and HiPower technology helps Toshiba air conditioner cool the room after only a few minutes.The deep cooling capacity of Toshiba air-conditioner products is also quite good, with the Hybrid Inverter compressor always keeping the room temperature at the required level.The multi-dimensional cooling fan system and the optimal design help cool air evenly distributed throughout the room.
  3. Toshiba IAQ dust filter and anti-mold filter and self-cleaning function keep the air fresh and fresh.
  4. Toshiba is one of the famous brands thanks to its ability to save energy during operation.With Hybrid Inverter technology combined with ECO, many users rated Toshiba air conditioner to save a lot of electricity for the family.
  5. Toshiba air conditioners almost do not make any noise during operation.
  6. Moderate price, said to be the best in the mid-range air conditioner, suitable for the average user.


    1. Toshiba air conditioners have a classic design with few changes, so you will not have many options for models.
    2. The price of the device is cheap but the durability is not high, usually used quite well in the first 2 years but then may encounter some minor errors.

Panasonic air conditioner review

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  1. Modern, sophisticated design, suitable for many spaces is a strong point of Panasonic air conditioner.You can easily see that Panasonic is very hard to change the small details in its design to bring different appearance to the interior space of the user.
  2. IAuto-X quick cooling technology integrated in Panasonic air conditioner is highly appreciated for its cooling capacity, and for 35% faster cooling, the multi-dimensional cooling fan helps distribute the cold air evenly throughout the room. .In addition, thanks to the application of touch technology, automatically adjusts the temperature in AutoComfort and Econavi rooms, the air in your room will always be kept at a stable level, good for your health and your family.
  3. Applying superior air filtration technology with Nanoe-G and E-Ion Advanced Plus helps kill bacteria in the air of your room, prevents odors, dirt . prevents harmful substances to health. your family.
  4. Panasonic air conditioners use Inverter technology to save outstanding electricity, moreover, its products also have the ability to automatically adjust the capacity.When the room temperature has reached a certain level, Panasonic air conditioner will automatically reduce the power to help stabilize the air.As a result, the power consumption of the air conditioner will be significantly reduced and you will save a considerable amount of energy costs.
  5. Panasonic air conditioner is completely quiet during operation, does not make noise, ensures quietness even at night.Machine with high durability, less damage during use.


  1. The price is much higher than the same-capacity products of other brands.Therefore, Panasonic air conditioners are always classified as high-end and near-premium products.

Review Sharp air conditioners

Unlike its rivals, Sharp's air conditioners are not well advertised, as the brand has so many other types of products that few people know that Sharp also has its own air conditioner products.Sharp air-conditioner products are divided into three separate lines to make it easier for customers to choose:

  1. Standard series:Air conditioners with basic cooling function, meeting essential needs for users, not incorporating many new technologies.This type is usually denoted by the first letter A.
  2. Sharp Inverter air conditioner: Using invertertechnology to save electricity, replacing technology using thermal sensor relays.Products in this line are usually denoted by the first X in the product code.
  3. High-end Super Inverter air -conditioner product line : Invertertechnology, integrated ion generation and deodorizing function.This line is denoted by the first letter as XP.

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  1. Sharp air conditioners are designed with many levels of capacity, diverse prices suitable for many different types of users, so customers have a variety of options according to their needs.
  2. Powerful Jet fast cooling technology increases the airflow rate and speed by up to 28%, quickly bringing the most comfortable cool air to you.
  3. Equipped with new generation W intakes, creating more wind, evenly distributed throughout the room.Intelligent fans automatically change direction to help the breeze reach every corner of the room.
  4. Gentle Cool Air mode is equipped with the new generation Super Inverter air-conditioner to make the cold air blowing to the ceiling, suitable for families with young children, the elderly or those with sensitive skin. , suffering from respiratory diseases .
  5. Pioneering in using Plasmacluster antibacterial technology, capable of killing bacteria, molds, viruses and odor-causing agents, ensuring a clean, clean and healthy air for your family.
  6. High durability, reasonable price, affordable for Vietnamese people.


  1. Because there is no promotional investment, Sharp air conditioner products have not really been known to users.
  2. The design is quite rough and a bit 'rough'.

Should buy Toshiba, Panasonic or Sharp air conditioner?

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When comparing Toshiba and Panasonic air conditioners (mid-range and high-end and mid-end segments) as well as comparing Sharp and Toshiba air-conditioners (low-cost, mid-range and mid-range segments), we You can see the choice quite clearly:

  1. If you want to buy a product with sophisticated design, elegance, durability, latest technology, you should choose Panasonic air conditioner.Although the price is usually higher than that of Toshiba and Sharp air conditioners with the same capacity, the efficiency is quite different.
  2. If you do not care much about design, need a product that is affordable, stable performance, Toshiba air conditioner is the right product for you.
  3. And if your financial ability is tight, it doesn't require too much in terms of design or power saving, you can choose Sharp's air conditioner.Some Sharp product lines are quite cheap, but the power saving is much more limited than those of Panasonic or Toshiba air conditioners.

Above are the comparisons and assessments of the three brands of air conditioners Sharp, Toshiba and Panasonic.Hopefully our information will help you choose a good quality air conditioner that suits your needs.