5 mistakes everyone mistakenly thinks about WordPress

WordPress has developed much beyond the original feature as a platform for bloggers.

WordPress used to be a simple blogging platform, but now it has become a platform to support more than 28% of the web world, from personal blog sites to business websites.

WordPress is no longer just a tool for amateurs and this article will explain illusions that are no longer true about this great platform.

WordPress is just the place for bloggers

If you set a bar that determines whether WordPress is a tool or just a 'toy', in fact, WordPress can be both.Although ordinary people can also use WordPress as a personal blog (or professional blog with a bit of skill), this tool can also be very useful for businesses.

WordPress is the most popular CMS tool, far ahead of Drupal and Joomla with only 2.9 and 1.73% market share.Many people use .com version to get free hosting, but those who want to use more tools will choose the .org version to create everything, from blogs to applications, online stores .

Many well-known names such as TechCrunch and MTV News also use WordPress not only because of cheaper costs but also because of the flexibility in front-end design and very strong open-back back-end features.Open source nature allows anyone to download software, themes or plugins to edit the way you want.

E-commerce sites should not use WordPress

If you want to open an online store, WordPress is a great choice.WooCommerce is a popular tool, used by 41% of online stores, is simple, easy to use, but many people believe that WooCommerce cannot withstand large (scale) traffic.

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With reasonable tactics, e-commerce site can be operated by WordPress

No need to invest in the host, your page can still withstand large amounts of traffic.WP Engine fixes many problems when using e-commerce separately for WooCommerce customers.However, you do not necessarily need to use WooCommerce on WordPress.

There are many other integrated tools, such as Shopify, when they create plugins that integrate WordPress and Shopify.With this plugin, you can create a WordPress or shopping blog site, add e-commerce purchasing features to your WordPress site.There are also other solutions like BigCommerce, Volusion or Magento.

WordPress does not tolerate large traffic

Because WordPress is a free open source platform, it raises questions about scalability or scalability.Will the page be able to withstand the sudden increase in traffic?The answer is absolutely world.

An important factor is to create a suitable and sustainable development environment, able to efficiently scale vertical, save caching and execute queries.When designed smartly, WordPress can be both a simple and complex blog site with many advanced tools.

WordPress is not supported

Nobody owns and is completely free, so no one will help you when you need it?No problem.WordPress has a developer community, design, content building, marketing . very positive.Forums are where people learn, share, and fix problems together.Many sites also provide content that helps you create the best WordPress site.

There are also options for CDN to put pages through reverse proxies and use caching.This type of content is useful for pages with high traffic, and also allows you to configure caching for pages and files.

WordPress is not safe and easy to hack

There is no evidence that WordPress is less secure than other CMS sites.The fact that every page is vulnerable.Because it accounts for 28% of the Internet world, it is common for it to attract hackers.

WordPress is not a new platform.During the entire decade of development and development, WordPress has released many security guidelines, plugins that support security and constantly upgrade to limit the impact of hackers.

Each update brings safer security measures.But the real security ability comes from users regularly updating themes, plugins, add-ons as well as maintaining backups.Users should also choose complex passwords and often change.Nearly 80% of the vulnerabilities are due to old or exploited software due to easy-to-guess passwords.

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