5 effective ways to relax your eyes

5 simple ways below will help your eyes will be relaxed and no longer tired

Working a lot in front of the computer, reading a lot, . can make your eyes always tired and stressed, even a headache. With the simple ways below, we hope your eyes will be relaxed and not tired anymore.

5 effective ways to relax your eyes Picture 1 5 effective ways to relax your eyes

Here are 5 ways to relax your eyes


 Rest your eyes

Do you have to work every day in front of a computer or your job requires you to read documents for hours a day,. We recommend that you spend 5 - 15 minutes for every working hour. resting eyes.

When your eyes are fixed for too long on the screen or page, the eye muscles are not working and thus leading to eye fatigue and strain. To limit this symptom, you need to rest your eyes often, stay away from the screen, and train your eyes to focus on points that are far away from you.


Relax eye muscles

To relax your eyes, you need to sit at a table, place your elbows on the table and use your palms to cover your closed eyes. Don't let any light get through. You sit so quietly for a few minutes, you will see that your eyes are less tired.


Practice looking

This exercise is very simple, you just need to use your index finger. Raise your index finger in front of your face and bring it close to your nose. Note that the index finger is close to the nose, but the eye must see this finger clearly, do not bring it too close. Then slowly extend your index finger as far as you can. Do it slowly 20 times.


Stretch the body

In order for the eyes to be no longer tired and stressed, you also need to relax the other parts of the body: the muscles of the face, shoulders, back. Commuting between working hours, changing sitting positions, exercising daily, . are tips to help you relax your body while or after work.


Keep your eyes free

This is especially important for women.

If every day you wear very sophisticated eye makeup, apply Mascara, . then when you return home in the evening, you need to remove eye makeup with specialized Gels. Applying an eye mask before going to bed and using an eye cream are good things to do to help your eyes relax and be healthy the next morning.

Another very important thing to help the eyes rest is to go to bed early, limit watching TV and reading a lot.