14 Tips to play Genshin Impact most effectively

Genshin Impact is a super attractive open world role-playing game in the gaming community since its first launch.

If you are entering the vast world of Teyvat for the first time, don't forget to 'pocket' how to play Genshin Impact for newbies. These are all tips (TIPS) that will greatly support your Genshin Impact gameplay!

Tip 1. The most important thing is that you must open new lands

A mistake many new players make is to just do the mission and then start looking around. But you will certainly encounter some locations that you cannot set foot on, such as Phong Long Ruins. The reason is because this area only opens when you do the main story mission of the game.

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Prioritize opening the map

The most effective way to play Genshin Impact is to focus on opening new lands. Do the Demon God quests (main quests) to open all locked areas. In addition, focusing on opening Seven Heavenly Statues and Teleport Points will help move around the map faster. This greatly assists in performing lore quests and world quests.

Tip 2. Reach Adventure Rank 20 quickly to unlock many new features

Adventure Rank or Adventure Rank is a parameter that you need to pay attention to when coming to Genshin Impact. In other titles, the adventure class is similar to the account level. The higher your account level, the more opportunities you have to receive valuable rewards and unlock many new features.

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Reach the minimum adventure level to participate in the web event

With how to play Genshin Impact for newbies, increase your Adventure Rank to level 20 as soon as possible. At that time, you will unlock many core features, unlock the storyline as well as be eligible to receive benefits from the publisher. To do this, you can explore the land, open chests, do daily missions, fight bosses,.

Additionally, before that, at rank 16, you will unlock the coop feature. This feature allows you and your friends to explore each other's Worlds together, visit together, challenge bosses or extras,. 

Tip 3. The Pity system when wishing ensures you will receive a worthy reward

The Pity system is where you get attractive playable characters that will accompany you in exploring the vast open world. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to receive very powerful weapons through periodically opened weapon banners similar to character banners.

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Pity System

When spinning, you will have the opportunity to receive 4-star or 5-star items, including weapons and characters. The system automatically defaults to after 9 spins, you will receive a 4-star item the 10th time. Similarly, after 89 spins, you will receive a 5-star item the 90th time. In case you have received it 5-star rare items, the system will reset and start from the beginning.

In this case, the most effective way to play Genshin Impact is to focus on shooting character banners with the characters you need for the squad. That helps increase the strength of the entire team quickly. In addition, you can also confidently film your favorite characters. Strong? No need. As long as you like it!

Tip 4. You need to think carefully about how to use Resin so you don't run out

Original Resin (or Pure Resin) is a very important material in receiving rewards when fighting extra copies or bosses. Although Resin will recover automatically after 8 minutes, the limit is only 160. That's why if you don't know how to use Resin properly, you will fall into a shortage. This is a way to play Genshin Impact that both new and old players should keep in mind. 

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Pure Plastic

In addition, you can also change Condensed Resin to Original Resin when scanning supplements and fighting weekly bosses. You can find Concentrated Resin when performing event quests, buying in the store, receiving in kettles,.

Tip 5. Save Primogems to buy characters you like

Continuing with a way to play Genshin Impact that new players should keep in mind. Primogems are the currency used to purchase items and characters in the store. Save money to buy the character you like. Because you can't always spin every character in the Pity system.

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In-game store

Tip 6. Characters should be changed reasonably and frequently

The system in the game Genshin Impact is divided into elements with different strengths. Therefore, you will not be able to maintain the same squad to perform all the main and side quests as well as fight bosses. 

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Watching the livestream will have a chance to receive Genshin Impact codes

A suggestion for how to play Genshin Impact effectively is to change characters reasonably and frequently. Depending on the boss you are about to conquer, arrange your squad on the field so that the battle can be ended as easily and quickly as possible. Focus on characters whose classes can combine with each other to create as much damage as possible.

Tip 7. You should level up every character evenly

The next way to play Genshin Impact for beginners is to level up all characters equally. Each character in the game, when reaching a certain level, will unlock new skills. That will help increase the strength of the character and give advantages to the player.

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Character breakthrough materials

However, you shouldn't just focus on upgrading one character. Because the higher your character level, the more materials you have to collect to break through. Materials for breakthroughs also increase in quantity with each level. This causes you to consume a large amount of resin to fight bosses and dungeons as well as your own time. At the same time, the level of characters in the squad will also be different. Even characters that have not been upgraded will encounter many obstacles during the boss fight.

So, you should level up each character in the squad evenly. Prioritize raising important characters to level 70 - 80 first. Only level up to level 90 for the key characters in your squad, such as Main DPS, Support,. 

Tip 8. Mark important locations on your map

An interesting feature in this anime game is the seals. You can take advantage of stamps to mark locations on the map. The world of Teyvat is vast and with each update, many new areas open up. So you can't always quickly discover everything at once. Therefore, marking will help you remember and be more convenient in understanding the mysteries embedded in this continent.

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Mark important locations on the map

This is one of the 'pocket' tips on how to play Genshin Impact. The publisher provides 99 pins/marks on the map. So you don't need to worry about running out of uses too quickly.

Tip 9. Harvesting ingredients and cooking is also important

The next way to play Genshin Impact is to collect ingredients and cook. Don't ignore the importance of food in the game, otherwise you will regret it. Many new players often consider finding cooking ingredients a very boring task. However, the ingredients you find can help you cook dishes that increase attack, defense, stamina points, revival, etc.

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Cooking interface

Tip 10. Talk to all the NPCs you see to find the mysterious quest

NPCs are an important part of the vast world of Teyvat. Besides playable characters, you can find NPCs anywhere on the map. Don't skip talking to NPCs. You may receive random gifts or unlock hidden missions.

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Talk to NPCs

However, some hidden quests only open when you complete the story quest. Therefore, focusing on completing the demon god mission first is the most core thing in playing Genshin Impact.

Tip 11. The World Level of the Boss in the game can be lowered

Currently, players can downgrade their in-game worlds. Downgrading your world will result in the Boss's level being lowered. This makes it easier for you to discover and kill bosses for players whose squad is not strong enough. 

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Complete story missions

However, don't abuse world leveling because the rewards you receive will also decrease. Instead, the way to play Genshin Impact for newbies is to focus on building a strong squad. That way you will always be ready for every task ahead.

Tip 12. Make the most of your sigils

People often forget the sigil when playing games. This is a secondary currency that you can get while exploring the map or through reward chests. You can use sigil to buy items in the store or Constellations for Travelers. So players absolutely cannot ignore this way of playing Genshin Impact.

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Don't miss any event

Tip 13. Practice fast running skills

Unlike the Genshin Impact gameplay above, this is a more personal skill. This mobile RPG does not support scrolling or jumping. So you need to train your hands to be nimble enough to be able to move quickly.

During the move, do not hold the charge but press quickly. Although this is not an easy skill to perform, it will be very useful during combat.

Tip 14. Some other small experiences when playing Genshin Impact

Besides the above ways to play Genshin Impact, there are still some other small experiences that you should not ignore. As follows:

  1. Complete the quests in the journey book.
  2. Always collect all dropped items after fighting monsters and opening chests.
  3. Characters who use great swords have the ability to dig rocks and minerals very quickly. Additionally, you can also use Zhongli's E if you have this character.

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Complete the quests in the journey book

Above are the 14 most effective ways to play Genshin Impact for beginners in 2022. After two years, the game still maintains its form and reaps awards at international game events. This leads to more people knowing about this game. That's why you should not ignore how to play the game to bring the best experience.