Useful tips when playing Internet Cafe Simulator

Useful tips when playing Internet Cafe Simulator, Useful tips when playing Internet Cafe Simulator for beginners, helping with Internet coffee shop management

Internet Cafe Simulator is an Internet cafe business simulation game. Players need to develop their own store, make their own strategies, and manage personnel like in the real world. People can gather with friends, eat and play games at the same time in this Internet cafe.

If you love building your own internet cafe, experience the Internet Cafe Simulator right away and learn the following useful tips for new gamers.

Useful tips when playing Internet Cafe Simulator Picture 1 Experience the fun and challenging internet cafe business in Internet Cafe Simulator

Useful tips when playing Internet Cafe Simulator

Look around

In simulation games, players must always observe because the surroundings will have a lot of features to interact with.

Essentially, people should start looking at every nook and cranny to see all the objects they can interact with. Move the screen around so that the circle in the center overlaps the object to check if it can interact with it.

Useful tips when playing Internet Cafe Simulator Picture 2 Look around for any objects and objects that might interact

If the object has a blue outline, it is impactable. The object border is red to represent people. Another thing that appears on the screen is a hand icon, this means that the player can choose to turn on, off, buy,. the item.

New players should continue to walk around and get used to handling objects and how they work.

Learn where to buy food and remember it

Whenever going out of the hotel, gamers will see a person selling bread, pizza, canned goods or similar food places. Like other simulation games, characters in Internet Cafe Simulator also have to eat and drink to survive.

Look for this salesman at the start of the game and keep his location in mind. After that, buy some bread to satisfy your hunger, because the character will probably starve at the start of the game and this hunger meter will decrease with each passing moment.

Food isn't expensive so stock up on them as much as you can and eat them by hovering over the food to reveal the Eat option.

Clean up the Internet cafe

Useful tips when playing Internet Cafe Simulator Picture 3 Always keep the cafe neat and clean to attract customers

The first thing players will notice as soon as they enter an internet cafe is a mess. Use a broom nearby and start sweeping the store right away to build a thriving Internet cafe.

So keep holding the broom and move closer to every piece of trash on the ground, even under tables and on chairs. After cleaning up and storing the broom, remember where it is so you can use it again when you need it.

A neat, beautiful coffee shop will always be loved and customers visit often and leave high star ratings.

Buy the right product

Products for purchase will receive different star ratings, indicating how satisfied the person buying them is, as well as its price. Make sure to buy items that are reasonably priced, don't cost a lot, but still have a good star rating.

Buy some arcade game machines

Useful tips when playing Internet Cafe Simulator Picture 4 The arcade machine has a reasonable cost but provides a stable profit

Arcade game consoles will offer attractive profits even though they are not expensive. In addition, arcade machines will also give a pretty good rating for the cafe. Players should definitely buy this console and let it bring themselves a steady source of money.

Buy everything you need for your PC

In order for the shop's first PC to work, everyone needed to go to the zamazor site and start buying all the items needed for it. With an initial budget, shop for the right things, including a desk, computer case, keyboard, chair, mouse, and monitor.

These are all the exact items that will be needed to set up a PC desk, so everyone must buy them for sure. After ordering the necessary items, wait and they will be delivered outside the internet cafe.

Useful tips when playing Internet Cafe Simulator Picture 5 Please visit the zamazor website to order all the necessary equipment and supplies for your PC

When the items are delivered, they will be in boxes, the player must bring them inside, open them and start the installation. With the Throw option, these items will be randomly placed, with the Put option, you can place and rotate them however you want.

Continue to set up your PC and make sure that all the necessary things for the computer are set up there.