Top 5 cheap and quality electric thermos

Thermos will keep water always hot throughout the day so it is essential for the family. The top 5 electric thermos below are the best, cheap and quality products to buy.

Between thousands of different thermos that are sold on the market, it is difficult for users to choose a satisfied bottle that is cheap and quality. If so, please refer to the 5 best current thermos that we will mention below.

Top 5 best electric thermos today

1. Sunhouse 3.5L SH1535 thermos flask - Reference price: 799,000 VND

Sunhouse Thermos has the function of boiling, keeping warm and automatically boiling water again to keep the water in the kettle always hot when needed. Stainless steel inner pot is extremely safe for health, the outer shell is made of heat-resistant plastic, easy to clean.

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Thermos SH1535 can keep the water warm at a temperature of 90 degrees C, boil water at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. There is an extremely safe faucet lock feature for children. Get water by hand pumping.


  1. Capacity: 3.5 liters
  2. Capacity: 735W
  3. Boiling temperature: 100 degrees Celsius
  4. Keeping temperature: 90 degrees Celsius
  5. Automatically boil water: Yes
  6. Measuring water level: Yes
  7. Bowel material: Stainless steel
  8. Shell material: Plastic
  9. How to pour water: Hand pump
  10. Child lock: Yes
  11. Size: 21cm x 20cm x 32cm
  12. Product weight: 2.5kg
  13. Brand: Vietnam
  14. Made in China
  15. Warranty 12 months

2. Sanaky SNK-42S hydropower tank - Reference price: 790,000 VND

Sanaky thermos have a feature that automatically disconnects when the water boils, automatically disconnects when the kettle has no water. Sanaky SNK-42S takes water with an electronic pump or a hand pump. Large tank capacity suitable for large families, need to use hot water regularly.

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Thermos and thermos are made of extremely durable stainless steel material, keeping the water in the bottle always clean. Large capacity for boiling water quickly.


  1. Capacity: 4.2 liters
  2. Display: Yes
  3. Control Panel: Electronics
  4. Automatically disconnect power: Yes
  5. Capacity: 730W
  6. Voltage source: 220V / 50Hz
  7. Boiling temperature: 90 degrees C - 100 degrees C
  8. Keep warm temperature: 80 degrees C - 90 degrees C
  9. Automatically boil water: Yes
  10. Measuring water level: Yes
  11. Child lock: Yes
  12. Brand: Vietnam
  13. Made in China
  14. Warranty 12 months

3. Panasonic NC-EG2200CSY thermos bottle 2.2 liter - Reference price: 1,390,000 VND

Panasonic thermos have up to 4 temperature keeping temperatures of 70 degrees C, 80 degrees C, 90 degrees C, 98 degrees C for users to choose.NC-EG2200CSY is a more modern design that has a drip, re-boil timer after 6 hours to save electricity.

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Electric water heater with electronic push button, 2.2 liter capacity suitable for small family.In addition, the bottle also supports the function of boiling again when the water is cool, with the tap lockedThe inside of the bottle is coated with a healthy, non-stick Carbon.


  1. Capacity: 2.2 liters
  2. Timer: Yes
  3. Capacity: 700W
  4. Voltage source: 220V / 50Hz
  5. Automatically boil water: Yes
  6. Measuring water level: Yes
  7. Material of gut: Metal coated with non-stick carbon
  8. Shell material: Plastic
  9. Child lock: Yes
  10. Size: 21.7cm x 28.7cm x 27.5cm
  11. Product weight: 2kg
  12. Brand: Japan
  13. Manufactured in: Thailand
  14. Warranty 12 months

4. Sharp KP-36SV 3.6 liter electric thermos - Reference price: 779,000 VND

Sharp thermos have both the function of water heating and hot holding function.Get water by pressing pour, equipped with moving straps.

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The outer part of the bottle is made of high quality plastic, super durable stainless steel.Sharp KP-36SV operates with a capacity of 670W to help boil water quickly, large tank capacity helps to boil more water.Compact size does not occupy much area.


  1. Capacity: 3.6 liters
  2. Control panel: Mechanical
  3. Function: Boil, keep hot water
  4. Capacity: 670W
  5. Automatically boil water: Yes
  6. Measuring water level: Yes
  7. Bowel material: Stainless steel
  8. Shell material: High quality plastic
  9. Brackets rotation: 360 degrees
  10. Child lock: Yes
  11. Size: 201mm x 247mm x 410mm
  12. Product weight: 1.9kg
  13. Brand: Japan
  14. Manufactured in: Thailand
  15. Warranty 12 months

5. 3.3 liter Sunhouse SHD1533 thermos - Reference price: 820,000 VND

Sunhouse SHD1533 is extremely handy design with 3 ways to collect water: press the hand pump, press the electronic button on the control panel and touch the cup to the faucet. With a capacity of up to 3.3 liters, the price is quite cheap, so this model is widely used by all Vietnamese families.

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Products designed with removable straps, disassembled wires should be easily moved and preserved. Not only that, the bottle is also equipped with a safety pump, with a self-disconnected relay when the water is boiled or dried up to prevent overheating and better protection of the heat tray.


  1. Capacity: 2.8 liters
  2. Capacity: 670W
  3. Weight: 1.8kg
  4. Size: 201 x 247 x 357 mm
  5. Boil water: 100 degrees Celsius
  6. Keep warm: 90 degrees C
  7. Automatic boil again: Yes
  8. Locking spout: Yes
  9. Display water level: Yes
  10. Bowel material: Stainless steel
  11. Poly-Flon non-stick coating bottle
  12. Swivel base: 360 degrees C
  13. How to pour water: Hand pump

The above are the 5 best models of electric thermos currently used by every household. Products with outstanding durability, reasonable price, beautiful and compact designs will be the best products to choose from.