Instructions for using water swab machine

There is no denying the great use of water dispensers. However, do you know how to use the water swab properly?

For those who first use the water swab if still unsure how to use water swab as to achieve high efficiency in oral hygiene, please see more articles that share soon here

Those who can use water swab

The genuine water toothpicks such as Water Pik water toothpicks, Maxcare water toothpicks, Waterpulse water toothpicks, and Rio water swab machines are all tested by reputable organizations to ensure safety for health. Therefore water swab machines can be used for all subjects, including children. For more information on dental cleaning, you can seek oral solutions in Thousand oaks.

If used for children, consult a dentist before using a water toothpick. Water swabs will effectively remove plaque and leftovers. This is an extremely useful product for those who use teeth, porcelain teeth, dental bridges that cannot be filled or implanted.

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Water swab is for children

Do I need to brush my teeth with water toothpicks?

Although the water swab machine is very effective in dental hygiene, it is only a better product to replace dental floss. Because the water swab only works to remove leftovers in the teeth that you cannot clean but cannot clean the tooth surface. So you still need to brush your teeth twice a day to clean the surface of your teeth better. In addition, it can be used in combination with water swab machine to achieve higher oral hygiene effect. Water swab should be used once a day.

Use water swab properly to achieve high efficiency

Step 1. Prepare water

For desktop water swabs: Lift the water tank out of the machine and put warm water in it. Install the water bottle to the original position on the water body.

For travel water swab (wireless water toothpick): Water tanks are often designed to be connected to the camera body, can not be disassembled, you just need to open the button in the body and warm water slightly.

Step 2. Install a spray hose

You choose the appropriate toothpick and attach it to the handle of the water swab.

Step 3. Adjust the pressure

First you should adjust the pressure at level 1 (lowest level) for the first time you use it. Then gradually increase the pressure level to the level that best suits you.

Step 4. Handle handle

The control handle will help you control the direction of the water flow easily by turning the button above the handle. When you want to pause the water flow, press the pause button on the handle.

Step 5. Open and turn off the computer

After attaching the tip of the toothpick to the water swab, put the tip of the toothpick in the mouth. Lower your body to the sink, then proceed to press the power button to use it.

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Bend over the sink when using a water cleaner

Turn the nozzle with the tooth to form a 90 degree angle within 10 seconds. Pre-cleaning with the inner teeth, moving along the gum line, stops for a short time between teeth. Done until all the teeth are cleaned.

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Put the spray into the gums and teeth

When you want to remove the spray from your mouth, press the pause button or turn off the water cleaner. After cleaning your teeth, pour the remaining water, drain the water container and store it in a dry place.

Hopefully the above article will help you know how to use a water swab to bring the desired effect. If you need further advice about water dispensers, you can call the Hotline number in Hanoi: 024.3568.6969 - Or TP. Ho Chi Minh 028.3833.3366 to be supported in the best way.