Top 10 cool and useful Minecraft game tips

Synthesize 10 cool Minecraft game tips that you should know to play better games. Share the best and most useful Minecraft game tips

In Minecraft, in addition to gaming skills, you also need to master a few basic tips to help you survive effectively in Minecraft. Today, I will share with you 10 basic tips to help you survive better in the game.

Since this is just what I know about tips, the shortcoming is inevitable, besides there are so many tips, so I cannot cover all in an article. So I hope you have more comments below so that I can improve.

And here is my article about 10 basic tips to know when playing Minecraft. The same reference you offline !

1. The boat helps you to go through the wall

If you do not know, in addition to the main function of traveling on water, the boat also has many other uses, in which it is impossible not to mention the use of helping you to go through their walls.

Have you ever thought that you can go through the wall again? And what if you come across certain structures that you cannot break into by destroying them?

At this time you should prepare a boat, then put them close to the wall and push gradually deep inside, finally you just need to sit on the boat to be able to go to the other side of the wall. This may be a bug in the game.

2. You can take down the parrots by feeding them biscuits

Colorful parrots have been added in Minecraft in recent new versions. They are extremely cute and adorable thanks to their colorful fur.

Besides, parrots in Minecraft can also dance to the music. So cute, you definitely wouldn't have the heart to kill them

But if for some reason you need to kill them and don't want to use your sword to kill them, you can also take them down by feeding them biscuits. I don't think it's logical, but it's pretty cool, right?

3. Fireball acts as a lighter

If you need to use a fire without a lighter you can absolutely use a fireball instead. Fireballs can be collected when fighting ghosts of hell.

Fireball apart from attacking out, you can also use it instead of lighter. They can fully activate TNT and the gate of hell, .

4. The dye can be genetically modified in sheep

You guys usually dye the wool counters after they are harvested, right? This is fine, but it is time consuming and dyeing.

Instead, you can apply dye directly to live sheep, in addition to being able to dye their fur, you can also alter its genes.

Once they are dyed, their hair will change to their desired color even after shaving. Besides, when sheep are born, they have the same color as their parents.

5. Use the gate of hell to move long distances

Certainly 90% of Minecraft players do not know this, it is 1 block in hell equal to 8 blocks in the real world.

So if you want to travel long distances, go to hell and build 2 gates separated by 1: 8 ratio to be able to move as far as you want.

6. Going straight through the fire will not catch fire

In the game, what if you go to hell or burnt places where you have to go through them? During these times you have to be really assertive and walk through the fires.

At this point you only lose a little blood but will not catch fire on your body. If you are still hesitating, afraid, and standing there, you will catch fire and lose a lot of blood.

7. Chests will remain open when placing the field block above

If you have been a Minecraft player for a long time, you will know that a chest will not be able to open if there is a certain block placed above.

But there is a block and when you put them on the chest, the chest can still open, it is the field block. Blocks fields created when you use hoes to dig soil. This way is also very good when you apply it to secret projects.

8. Use Gems Ender to teleport through thin walls

As you know, jewel Ender is the sweat of  dragon Ender . They are used by the Slendermens to teleport back and forth.

And if we have it, we can do the same thing. But did you know that Ender gems can also help us through some thin walls like doors, glass, . .

To do that, you must first prepare at least one Ender gem, then use this gem and throw it under the wall, you will immediately teleport through that wall. You can use this to break into houses, buildings, .

9. TNT will be able to destroy underwater blocks if a sand block is placed above it

As you probably already know, TNT balls will not be able to destroy blocks underwater.

Its destructive power can damage but not destroy blocks. But if you use 1 of the above sand blocks, it will be different, then they will be able to destroy the blocks as usual.

10. Crepper will stop exploding if you can't see you

Crepper is a kind of not very smart mobs. When they meet an enemy they will explode, dragging them and the enemy both dead.

But if they're about to explode and can't see their target anymore, they'll immediately stop exploding. So if I get chased by crepper then calm down and get a stump and hide it for Crepper to see, then they'll stop exploding.


Above are some of the basic Minecraft game tips but I think it will help you play the game much better. Wish you have fun playing the game and achieve many results in the game.

Hope the article will be useful to you. And don't forget to visit the blog every day to see more of my next posts. Thank you!