List of cheat codes Age of Empires III

Although released for a long time, Age of Empires III, Empire 3 still retains a strong number of players, with this Age of Empires III cheat code that can help players change important factors. , making the game more interesting and interesting.

All Age of Empires III cheat codes are listed right in this article, to enter the Empire 3 encoding you need to press Enter on the keyboard while in game to open the dialog box, then enter the codes cheat code AOE 3 below to receive effects or rewards.

Changing the system, factor with Cheat Code Age of Empires III makes the game more interesting

Empire 1 or AOE 1 is also or not inferior to later versions like AOE 3, when we play, we can also enter Empire codes to create interesting and interesting games. taste.

Synthesize cheat codes Age of Empires III

  1. A recent study that 100% of herdables are obese: Fatten all animals on the map, create more Food from them (also help the opponent).
  2. Give me liberty or give me coin: Add 10,000 Gold
  3. Medium Rare Please: Add 10,000 Meat
  4. Censored: Extra 10,000 Wood
  5. Nova & Orion: Give away 10,000 exp
  6. X marks the spot: Displays the map to all players, keeping the fog effect.
  7. tuck tuck tuck: Summons a Tommynator.
  8. ya gotta make do with what ya got: Summon Mediocre Bombard
  9. sooo good: Turn on "Musketeer'ed!" when you are killed by Musketeer
  10. speed always wins: Speed ​​up house construction
  11. this is too hard: Win by yourself in a single match
  12. where's that ax? : Summons George Crushington
  13. o Canada 2005: Summoning Lazerbear.
  14. don't kick the pitbull: Summons Learicorn.
  15. wuv woo vol.2: Summon the Flying Purple Tapir.
  16. wee ooh wee ooh: Summons BigAndy.

Cheat Code Age of Empires III The Asian Dynasties

  1. a whole lot of love: Add 10,000 to each resource type
  2. ding ding ding: Summons the Monster Ice Cream Truck.
  3. mustard relish and burning oil: Summon Flaming Hot Dog Cart.
  4. trade plz: Add 10,000 export.

Above is the article summarizing the AOE 3 encoding codes, the Age of Empires III cheat codes most necessary for new players who want to change the playing system for a more enjoyable experience.