Basic information about Tokyo Ghoul

If you are a lover of Japanese anime movies, you must have heard of the anime Tokyo Ghoul. This article will help you understand more about this fascinating action anime series.

What kind of anime is Tokyo Ghoul?

Sui Ishida's Tokyo Ghoul series debuted in 2011 and was later adapted into an anime in 2014. The anime has especially resonated in the world when it brings vampire and fantasy themes.

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Tokyo Ghoul is set in modern times, a completely different world where humans are not at the top of the food chain, there is a bloodthirsty creature that resembles humans but is more developed with unique abilities. especially to become a hunter, and the main prey is humans, who think they own the world. Not willing to be the hunted, humans stood up against that creature - the Ghoul. CCG - Anti-Ghoul Committee was born to create a force of inspectors with high combat skills to fight against the human slaughter of Ghouls.


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Kaneki Ken was originally a normal university student, gentle and fond of reading. Because of an incident, Kaneki received an organ transplant from a Ghoul - who initially considered him his prey. From there, he struggles to live a half-human, half-Ghoul life, which includes integrating into the world of Ghouls and dealing with enemies while always keeping his secret identity hidden from others. other.

Introducing some characters in Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneki

He is the main character of the anime. At first, he had a rather pale appearance and looked quite weak. However, after going through many things, Kaneki Ken gradually changed into a taller, stronger guy.

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Touka Kirishima

This is the friend who has always supported Kaneki throughout the episodes of Tokyo Ghoul. In addition, investigators are also an indispensable component in creating success in Tokyo Ghoul.


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Tokyo Ghoul Review

Tokyo Ghoul is an anime that has received great love from viewers. Dangerous action scenes combined with dark tones of life, this is the unique point of this anime. Part of what makes horror successful in anime is the music. The most successful is the crunching sounds of human flesh that give viewers goosebumps. Or the tearing sounds and painful screams leave viewers haunted. Skillful action footage combined with unique sound. All create a famous Tokyo Ghoul.

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