7 ways to help your life both simple and happier

Here are 7 ways to make life simpler but bring us more happiness.

"Any fool can make things bigger, more complicated and more violent. Only the hands of genius - and lots of courage - to turn around ." - EF Schumacker

In 24/7 modern technology, it seems that we are always busy exchanging communications through social networks and that's why we forget about simple things but bring us happiness in life.

Sometimes, we need to restore simple things in life. Here are 7 ways to help your life both simple and happier.

1. We should call instead of texting

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Currently, texting has become a popular communication tool, making us forget the original purpose of the phone - used to make phone calls to talk directly to each other. That's right, in fact, people use phone devices for many other purposes.

Exchange with text messages easily destroys the original information you want to tell recipients through text, causing unnecessary misunderstandings in relationships and work. Besides, texting also takes a lot of our time. When texting, we do not feel the true feelings of those who are talking.

It's a lot simpler if you just pick up the phone and press the call button right? That's for sure. Immediately, you can express your feelings to others in the most complete way, nor will any misunderstandings occur or lose your inherent emotions. Things happen faster, don't take much time ( because you don't have to text back and forth many times ) and it is important that you will be happier when the work is resolved quickly and completely.

2. Don't cover up your feelings, express

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Are you a person who likes to cover up emotions? You always want to keep everything in your heart. Even when angry, you don't show it to people. You feel unhappy or unhappy with someone, nor tell them. And even when someone irritates or makes you angry, you won't say anything.

These problems will gradually make you feel stressed in your life. It always makes you feel unhappy. Even these emotions will immediately come out. That's not really good, it will make both your soul and your body feel unstable.

So what's the solution? You should find a way to express your feelings by talking to your friends or finding a suitable place such as your room to be able to " discharge " all the frustrations in your heart. By doing so, you will feel healthier and happier.

3. Experience yourself, don't compare too much

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How often do you feel when surfing Facebook and watching great things that people have just experienced? Maybe someone just traveled around the world, conquering high mountains, relaxing with friends or simply eating at a luxury restaurant. You will feel a little jealous and blame yourself: " Why can't I do such wonderful things? "

That's right, why don't you do them? Go out and experience it yourself. Travel to places you always want instead of spending a long day just reading and watching things other people are doing. Visit the places you want, read the books you want to read, conquer the high mountains or do other " weird " things.

Do everything you want and more importantly don't bring yourself to compare with anyone . This will help you feel a lot happier. Only challenges and experiences that you personally experience make you feel really happy.

4. Frankly share emotions, do not make personal assumptions

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Have you ever thought about things that your loved one is thinking and then those thoughts are completely wrong? You think they like this but in reality it is not. Maybe you think they especially like going to a restaurant just because you often take them, and in fact they never ask or say they like to go there.

But practically all things are not necessarily right, it is just your habit but you never ask their feelings when they get there.

Making assumptions or guessing other people's thoughts only makes things more complicated. Try to be open, share directly and consult the people you love, avoid misunderstanding and ensure a healthier and happier relationship.

5. Show more action than words, don't be afraid

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Sometimes, we often feel uncomfortable when we love people just because we don't know how to make them feel comfortable. We are always afraid to do something. And this often happens when the person we love doesn't share with us what they want.

Simply all they need is just by your side. They don't need you to talk or chat. What they need is just a tight fist, an affectionate hug. These seemingly simple actions can replace thousands of words.

6. Try making new things, don't hesitate

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Have you ever been hesitant to think about what to do next? Maybe you are afraid to try new things or fear being judged by others? Have you ever heard a saying: "Would forgiveness be better than asking for permission ?"

The above sentence means that you should act decisively and then apologize later. More than you have to wait for someone's permission before you act, then everything is probably late. So if you want to do something, just do it, don't be afraid to try new things. Remember: Don't hesitate . Maybe you will like it as soon as you start working? That will make you a lot happier.

If not, it's good because you still survived to do the next thing and learned that getting rid of something that doesn't bring you happiness.

But if you try new things that aren't as good as you think, it's okay, you're still alive. Moreover, you have a new lesson and keep challenging yourself with other new things!

7. Act positively for a bright future, don't worry too much

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We often think complex things and worry too much about the future without taking action. Ideally, we should act positively to build a bright future, instead of wasting time worrying about things that we can't change.

For example, if you want to start your own business, step by step make your dream come true. At that time you will feel much happier.

Not sure what the future will look like, but when you focus on small things to build a bright future, you will get good results. When things go in the right direction, it is sure that the future will become brighter and of course you will be happier.