50 questions worth pondering about the value of life

Should our age be measured by the number of years we live or by maturity?

Value of life - depending on the circumstances, each person, each viewpoint - that will have different definitions. Some people think it is mutual respect, humility, tolerance and happiness; Some people argue that the value lies in the material, money, status and fame that each person builds in life; others argue that value lies in the physical beauty and how each person feels about it . These questions do not have the right or wrong answer, nor are there only one answer and The answer is, no matter how good it is, the respondent is not the best.

Although there is no one common definition, there are always questions that help each person determine what their lives are and the following 50 questions are a test worth pondering.

1. Should our age be measured by the number of years we live or by maturity?

2. What's the following worse: trying and failing or never trying?

3. If life is too short, why do we still do what we don't like while sitting dreaming about what we like and not doing?

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4. Between speaking and doing, which side is your life more inclined to?

5. What do you want to change most in this world?

6. If happiness is a salary, what job will you do to become rich?

7. Are you doing what you believe in or just forcing yourself to believe in what you are doing?

8. If the average life expectancy of a person is 40, how will you live to have 40 years of difference?

9. How much control can you take in your life?

10. Are you worried about doing everything perfectly or not allowing yourself to make mistakes?

11. Suppose you are going to lunch with 3 people you admire and respect. They are criticizing your best friends with unpleasant and unfair words, while not knowing about their close relationship. What you will do?

12. If you could give a newborn a unique advice about life, what would you say?

13. Do you break your rule to keep the person you love?

14. Have you ever seen something crazy in the beginning and then found it so creative?

15. What makes you different from the rest of the world?

16. Why are there things that make you happy that don't bring happiness to many others?

17. What do you want to do but don't do? What causes you to be unable to do that?

18. Do you try to hold on to something that you should have let go of?

19. If you have to move to a neighboring city or country where you live, where would you choose? And why?

20. Do you press the elevator button many times when you need to use it? Do you think doing that will make the elevator go faster?

21. Between a genius thinking about everything and a happy innocent idiot, who do you prefer to be?

22. Why did you become who you are now?

23. Are you a person you want to make friends with?

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24. Which is worse: a good friend has to move far away or a good friend is close by without contacting?

25. What was the most grateful thing in your life?

26. If you had to choose one of them, would you rather lose all your previous memories or accept that you can't remember anything more from this moment?

27. Can we know the truth if not let them go through the challenge first?

28. Has your greatest fear ever come true?

29. Back in your memory about 5 years ago, do you still remember what ever made you so sad? And back to the present, is it still a problem for you?

30. What is the happiest anniversary of your childhood? Why is that celebration special to you?

31. When was the last time you felt like you lived hard with passion?

32. If not right now, then when?

33. If you haven't achieved this yet, what have you lost in your life?

34. Have you ever been with someone walking in silence and you feel like you've just had the best talk?

35. Why do religions promote love but still cause wars?

36. Can we distinguish good from evil without experiencing doubts?

37. If you win $ 1 million, do you quit?

38. Between there are fewer things to do or more things you like to do, what do you choose?

39. Do you feel like you have spent the same days as this day hundreds of times?

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40. When was the last time you sat alone in the dark with a little light to think about what you really believe is from?

41. If you know that all the people you know will die tomorrow, who do you want to visit for the last time?

42. Are you willing to exchange 10 years of life expectancy for wealth, attractiveness and fame?

43. How is life and existence different?

44. When do you stop calculating more so you don't hesitate to move forward and do everything you think is right?

45. If we all learn from failure, why are we afraid to make mistakes?

46. What is the craziest thing you will do if you know for sure that no one will judge you?

47. When was the last time you noticed the sound of your breath?

48. What do you love? Has your action recently expressed that love openly?

49. In the next 5 years, will you remember what you did yesterday? So what about the previous day? And how was the day before?

50. Suppose you now have to make decisions. And the question is: will you decide for yourself or for others to decide for you? What do you choose?

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