10 Ways to be happier at university, or how to study with pleasure

The student years are an important part of life, a bright and rich period of interesting studies, new acquaintances, and fun parties.

We will tell you how to make studying at the university just that, and attend university with pleasure every day.

Understand the sense of what you learn

You can be successful in studying only if you understand the subject. Do not hesitate to ask the teacher for clarification, try to get to the heart of the material. Even if you have some difficulties, it's worth trying to understand. Only in exceptional cases, you may think about who can write my essay.

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If you do not understand some theoretical material, ask to show it in practice and explain how it will be useful in your future profession. You can be sincerely fascinated only by what you understand, so never be afraid to ask: teachers appreciate the natural curiosity of students.


Make friends

It's better to do any business in a company of like-minded people. Find a friend among your classmates with whom you can:

  1. Discuss important issues;
  2. Prepare for the class together;
  3. Share your thoughts;
  4. participate in interesting activities;
  5. Relax and laugh.


Among the 10 ways to be happy, this one plays a very important role:

  1. Smiling gets people's attention;
  2. Causes a response;
  3. It puts you in a positive frame of mind;
  4. Smiling makes it easier to solve problems, make friends, and ask for favors. People easily go towards those who look at the world with optimism and smile at it.


Don't take personal problems out of your home

Teachers, administrators, as well as most classmates, are not interested in the difficulties you have at home. If the problems are overwhelming, solve them first, then go back to your studies. If not, why get upset about them and spoil your mood and the mood of those around you?


Focus on the future

It is easier to change your attitude to study for the better if you see it not as a punishment for several years, but as the first step in your career. Treat today's studies as the foundation for tomorrow's prosperity:

  1. Pay attention to practical disciplines;
  2. Try to make a connection between the subject and your future work;
  3. Make friends with teachers who have experience in their chosen field.


Give thanks

Thankfulness, like a smile, is one of the easiest ways to make learning fun. Be grateful to professors, dean's office staff, and cafeteria attendants, all of whom will be happy to help when needed. 


Take a break

It is good if university becomes not only a place of study but also a place of relaxation. Of course, we mean a useful rest: not studying social networks (by the way, what about the digital detox?) or watching videos for hours on end.

Most institutions of higher education offer students to express themselves and release their creativity. They run:

  1. sports sections;
  2. theater, dance, and vocal studios;
  3. debate and intellectual games clubs;
  4. and others

You can join any of them: meet new friends and realize your talents.


Get enough sleep and eat well

This trivial advice will also help you study and enjoy yourself. If you arrive at university every day without getting enough sleep, only bad memories will be associated with the university. The same thing with feeling hungry: a person can't feel happy where he or she wants to eat and not study.

So do not neglect good sleep and good nutrition. They will give you energy for new academic exploits.


Don't try to change people

One of the secrets of how to learn with pleasure is learning to accept those around you for who they are. If you don't like some characteristic of a teacher or classmate, there are two options:

  1. Accept it
  2. Stop communicating with the person.

There is no third option (to re-educate the person). No person has to change who they are, their character, and their appearance for someone else's comfort. Realize this thought and accept it.


Set goals and reward yourself for success

To make learning easy and enjoyable, treat the process as an exciting strategy game. Plan a tactic for achieving the educational Olympus, where the desired diploma awaits and put it into practice.

Set small and large goals (to answer a seminar, to defend an essay, to prepare for an exam, to close a session without a "C"), and after achieving them praise yourself and encourage (for example, with an unscheduled trip to the cinema or a long-awaited purchase).

Another proven way to study with pleasure is not to try to solve all problems on your own, but to enlist the support of proven helpers, such as student services. Its experts can help you cope with any academic tasks.