What is Valentine's Day? Meaning of Valentine's day

What is Valentine's Day? What is the meaning of Valentine's Day? What Valentine's Day? Let's learn more about this special holiday with TipsMake.com!

On every occasion of Valentine, people often see lovers celebrate together, giving meaningful gifts and expressing sweet affection for each other. However, not everyone really knows what Valentine's Day is, what it means and how many Valentine's Days are there ? If you are one of them, please immediately refer to the following sharing of TipsMake.com!


  1. What is Valentine's Day?
    1. Meaning of Valentine's day
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    3. Where does Valentine come from?
  2. What Valentine's Day?

What is Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day (English name is Valentine's Day, Saint Valentine's Day) is also known as Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day. It is named after Saint Valentine - one of the first Christian martyrs.

Meaning of Valentine's day

What does Valentine's Day mean? Surely many of you here have somewhat guessed the meaning of this day. Valentine is an opportunity for the whole world to honor the love of couples, the affection between couples and broader than the friendship of the opposite sex. When coming to Valentine, people express their love to each other through sweet wishes or meaningful gifts such as cards, roses, chocolates and some other special gifts.

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Valentine - a day to honor the love of a couple

Origin of Valentine's day

There are many theories about the origin of Valentine's Day, but the most accepted one is the story of a priest named Valentine under Roman Emperor Claudius II.

By the 3rd century, the Roman Empire had to participate in many bloody wars and unpopular support. At that time, due to difficulty in calling young men to join the army, Emperor Claudius II argued that Roman men did not want to leave their families or lovers, marriage only weakened men. soft. Because of this thought, Claudius II ordered people to be banned from holding an engagement ceremony or a wedding to focus their attention on the war.

The King's decree once again met with opposition from many, including Valentine priests in Rome and St. Marius. They continue to celebrate the wedding ceremony for young couples in secret. Shortly after, this was discovered, Father Valentine was arrested and sentenced to death by dragging and stoned to death on February 14, 273. However, in the afternoon before his graduation, he sent the first 'Valentine card' to the daughter of prison guard Asterius - a blind young girl who had been miraculously healed by him. On the card sent by Father Valentine signed 'dal vostro Valentino' (translated from From your Valentine - from my Valentine). Gradually, February 14 every year became the day when couples exchanged messages of love. St. Valentine has since become the patron saint of couples.

Where does Valentine come from?

Previously, Valentine was just a holiday in North America and Europe. But later, it was held popular in most countries around the world, including our Vietnam.

In some Eastern countries such as China and Japan, in addition to Valentine, people also have their own Valentine's Day celebrated on the day of the Fall (July 7 of the lunar calendar every year).

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Valentine is celebrated in many countries around the world

What Valentine's Day?

Traditionally, Valentine only has 1 single day on February 14th every year. However, you know, love that! A Valentine's Day doesn't seem to be enough for people to show their affection to each other. For that reason, in addition to February 14 every year, people have organized two more Valentine's Day on March 14 and April 14. So what is Valentine's Day February 14, March 14 and April 14?

Red Valentine

Red Valentine is a traditional Valentine's Day, celebrated on February 14 according to the 'legend' about Saint Valentine. This is an opportunity for people to express their love to the other half through gifts, sweet wishes.

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Red Valentine - traditional valentine's day

White Valentine

What is White Valentine's Day? White Water Valentine originated from? In fact, White Valentine (or White Day, White Valentine) is celebrated on March 14th every year, exactly one month after Red Valentine's Day. White Valentine originates from Japan - the land of the rising sun. The story goes that, in 1965 in Japan, a boy selling marshmallow gave a girl secretly remembering himself a large, snowy white candy box in return for her love on Red Valentine's Day.

White Valentine's Day was quickly welcomed by young people. On this day, the boys will return the affection of the girl they love all the time with a meaningful gift or touching words. As for the girls, White Valentine is probably a 'full of suspense and expectation' because they all expect to receive a gift of affirmation from the guy they love.

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White Valentine originates from the land of the rising sun

Black Valentine

Black Valentine - sounds 'a little sad' and 'unlucky' isn't it? Is this a day for broken love stories? The truth is not so! Black Valentine originated from Korea, took place on April 14. Unlike Red Valentine and White Valentine, Black Valentine is a day reserved for members of the Single Society (FA). On this occasion, young people who are still lonely in the land of Kim Chi will invite each other to eat black noodles (Jajangmyun) as a way to assert that 'What about the FA? FA is not really boring! '

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Black Valentine - the day dedicated to celibacy

Hopefully our article will help you better understand what Valentine's Day is and its meaning and origin. Another Valentine's season is coming soon, hopefully you will always be happy regardless of whether you are FA or have a couple!

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