What is a mini bag sealer? Should I buy it?

Mini pocket welder is available? When to use it? What is the best buy? If you also have these questions, do not miss this article!

In this article, TipsMake.com will help you answer all your questions about mini pocket sealers to help you choose a product that best meets your needs.

Bag sealer is a device that plays an important role in helping you can pack food packaging, dry food, confectionery, medicine . as well as paper bags, records . to preserving products, utensils, documents better, longer. On the market today, there are many different types of bag sealing machines and mini bag sealers are always a product line that receives much attention from users. If you still have questions about what a mini pocket sealer is, how many types it has, and how good it is . don't miss the following!

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  1. What is a mini bag sealer?
  2. Mini pocket welder is available?
  3. Should we buy mini pocket sealers?

Picture 1 of What is a mini bag sealer?  Should I buy it?
The mini bag sealing machine has a compact design, easy to handle.

What is a mini bag sealer?

Mini bag sealer is a bag sealer with the following characteristics:

  1. Compact size;
  2. The welding seam edge length may be short or medium;
  3. Welded packaging material is not too thick;
  4. Often used for individuals, families or small businesses.

Similar to other types of bag sealers, mini bag sealers also use heat to squeeze and seal the edges of packaging to prevent air, moisture, microorganisms from entering and mold, spoil foods, medicine, utensils, documents . stored inside the packaging.

Mini bag sealers are also known by other names such as mini bag sealers, mini bag presses, mini bag sealers, mini packaging machines, mini packaging machines, and mini bag mouth stamping machines. .

Picture 2 of What is a mini bag sealer?  Should I buy it?
The portable mini pocket sealer is as compact as a stapler.

Mini pocket welder is available?

The types of mini bag solders on the market today are often classified into different product lines based on the function and usage of the product as follows:

  1. Portable mini bag sealing machine : This is a small pin-like design, uses batteries to operate and you can hold the machine right on your hand to seal the mouth of the bag. The machine only has the function of welding the mouth of the bag.
  2. Hand sealer is a type of electric use, which should be placed on flat surfaces such as table top, kitchen table for manipulation, and when pressing the mouth of the bag, you will gently press the welding stick to the edge. The packaging needs to be tightly sealed. The machine includes only the function of welding the mouth of the bag and the type that can suck the mouth of the bag with the vacuum.

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Picture 3 of What is a mini bag sealer?  Should I buy it?
Household vacuum machine can vacuum and seal the packaging mouth.

Should we buy mini pocket sealers?

With the function of sealing the packaging mouth, the mini bag sealing machine in particular and the bag sealing machine in general will help you to preserve food, medicines, utensils, papers, documents . effectively, in the long term. impacts of air, humidity, mold .

Compared with the large size of industrial bag sealers, which often have to be fixed, the mini pocket sealer has the advantage of a compact, beautiful design, can be used flexibly in many different locations, capacity is not too large . also fully meet the needs of a large number of users.

The following is a review, a comparison of the pros and cons of mini bag welding machines so you can easily choose the most suitable product to use.


Portable mini pocket sealer

Manual mini bag sealing machine


· Compact design as a stapler, can carry around.

· Flexible battery usage.

· Simple operation, portable to weld the mouth of the bag.

· There are many colors and designs.

· Low price, usually only a few tens of thousands of dong

· The length of the long seam can be up to 40cm so the mouth can be glued to the bag quickly.

· Adjustable temperature to suit different types of bags, different thicknesses and materials.

· There may also be a convenient vacuum function for food preservation.

· Capacity is not too large, so it does not consume much electricity.

· Rugged design, can use effectively in a long time.


· Short welding line length, if it is necessary to solder a long bag, it must take time.

· It is often necessary to repeat several times if the welding line is to be tight and firm.

· No adjustment of temperature.

· Usually only welds thin pockets.

· Only the function of stamping out the bag mouth.

· The machine is fast and hot, which is limited in continuous welding ability.

· Usually cannot be used for long.

· Larger design, need to put on the table, kitchen surface . to manipulate.

· Can weld a larger number of packages.

· Higher cost, usually from a few hundred thousand to several million.

Should use when

Only suitable for personal use with the quality of seam seam welding not too high.

Suitable for families and small businesses with small stamping needs, but need: Good welding quality, ensuring tightness, flatness and welding of many different types of packaging to meet Food preservation applications, utensils, documents . are long-term.

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Hopefully, the above information has helped you to better understand the product of the mini pocket mouth sealing machine, so that you can choose a suitable machine that best meets the needs of daily life or work. your business.

In the process of using a mini bag sealer, in addition to following the manufacturer's instructions, you also need to make sure you use the right type of bag that fits the edge of the edge and that the machine should be placed in a dry and well-ventilated place. , clean the machine regularly to ensure operational efficiency, good welding quality, hygiene and prolong the service life of the machine.