Top 8 great Halloween movies you should watch

Along with the carnival during Halloween, the Halloween movies, horror movies are also one of the hobbies of many people during Halloween.

That's why in October every year a lot of producers will show horror movies so that people can watch movies at the cinema, or some people like previous Halloween movies with details. attractive makes viewers lose sleep. Here are the top Halloween movies that you can try.

1. Halloween (1978)

Halloween is a 1978 psychological horror film directed by John Carpenter. The Halloween series tells about the psychopath Michael Myers who always wears a creepy white mask. After being placed in a psychiatric ward, exactly 10 years later on Halloween he returned and brought with it quite a few horrifying cases. The film's tagline is The night he came home! That means he's home tonight !.

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2. Night Of The Demons (1988)

The film tells about 10 young people who decide to hold a party on Halloween night, in a long abandoned tomb. The night of terror started from a seance ritual of the young people who accidentally summoned the demon at this crypt. Each member of the group was possessed by the devil, rushed to beat each other and killed each other.

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3. Scream (1996)

Scream is an American horror film with a script by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven. The film tells the character Sidney Prescott who becomes the target of a mysterious killer called Ghostface. The film stars many famous actors such as Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, Drew Barrymore, and David Arquette.

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4. Clownhouse (1989)

On the evening of October 30, the question of little Casey having clowning was led by two brothers to the fair. Here, there are 3 psychopaths disguised as clowns following Casey from the fair to the houses of the 3 brothers. The psychopaths from earlier carried out bloody massacres and followed Casey at all times. The boy called for help from the neighbors around, but everyone refused because he thought that Casey was just scared of clowns.

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5. Ginger Snaps (2000)

On Halloween night the werewolf will appear and turn the gentle villagers into bloodthirsty monsters. The main characters in the film are Ginger and her sister Brigitte, who have eccentric interests related to death. Her older sister was bitten by a wolf and became more aggressive than ever. Since then the Halloween night disaster happened.

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6. Satan's Little Helper (2004)

The film is about a young boy leaving home angry on the night of Halloween. On an empty street, the boy comes across a man wearing a Satan mask resembling a character in his favorite game. This guy is a serial killer and lures the boy into becoming a henchman for him, helping him to do barbaric things.

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7. Trick R Treat (2007)

Trick-or-treat is the slogan too familiar at night and this is also the inspiration for the movie Trick R Treat. Trick 'r Treat is an American horror film written and directed by Michael Dougherty. The film revolves around four scary stories related to Halloween, connected by young Sam, always wearing a mask of the iconic Halloween pumpkin.

The boy carries a sack and appears in all the stories when someone breaks the Halloween tradition.

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8. All Hallows' Eve (2013)

The movie tells about the clown Art in disguise as a demon and can only appear on Halloween night. The story begins at the institute where the son of the character Sarah receives three videotapes, showing Art performing his barbaric act. Gradually, they are horrified to realize that his victims are their relatives and the next target is Sarah and mother.

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