Top 10 best websites to find foreign friends learn English and exchange languages

Learning language by making friends with foreigners and language exchange (Language Exchange) is an extremely interesting way to learn.

Languge Exchange is a method of language learning in the form of language exchange, meaning that two people will teach each other the most fluent language for each other. These 10 websites are a great option if you want to reach indigenous people to learn new languages ​​by this method.

Listening and speaking are the two most important skills that help us connect directly with people around the world. However, to be able to meet foreigners, chatting naturally with them and having a real environment for training is not easy for many people. It is for this reason that language learning in the Language Exchange method is gradually becoming the ideal choice for many language learners.

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Language Exchange is exactly what it describes: Language exchange. For example, you are a Vietnamese person who will teach Vietnamese to an American and they will teach you English again; You teach Vietnamese to a Frenchman and they will teach you French again. However, there are some points to emphasize here:

  1. Each person (most) is not a foreign language teacher like a foreigner at the center. Both of you are merely learners, and support each other.
  2. Learning will become much simpler, more comfortable and more natural than when taught by foreign teachers.
  3. Because the approaching friends are not teachers, they often cannot show you all the grammatical structures, the way of writing according to the principles of writing or orthodox rules, and at the same time with the problems. The problem is deeply related to language, they are difficult to answer for you. However, in return, you will easily make friends with foreigners, grasp many idioms, slang everyday and know how to speak more naturally.
  4. Should search and exchange languages ​​with native people, such as English, American (if you want to learn English), German (German) ., as this will help you to "level" quickly more and learn how to use foreign languages ​​more accurately.

Who is the Language Exchange method suitable for:

1. New learners of English, not confident when meeting foreigners to talk.

2. People who live far away from language learning centers, have no conditions to meet foreigners or find indigenous people to study .

Top 10 websites to make friends with foreigners

Remember to bookmark these great websites right away!

1. WeSpeke

WeSpeke is an ideal foreign language learning website for those who want to interact directly with native speakers by text, audio or video. The community now has millions of members from 170 countries in 130 languages. You can join WeSpeke to learn English, German, French, Japanese, Korean and even Vietnamese.

2. HiNative

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HiNative is a free application - where you not only get questions related to the language you are learning, but also contribute feedback to those who are learning your native language. For example, "How do you say this word in English?" , "What is the difference between these two words?" or "Am I pronouncing that right?" . In return, you can "teach" your language to others.

3. Speaky

Speaky uses match-making algorithms to "pair" you with any natives from all over the world. You can download mobile apps of the same name or learn directly on the web. Today, Speaky has more than 1 million members, from 180 countries in about 110 languages.

4. Tandem

Tandem is a community of 3 million people involved in exchanging languages ​​for each other. You can join Tandem to chat, share concerns, interests, discuss and help others who are learning foreign languages ​​like you.

5. HelloTalk

HelloTalk uses voice-changing technology to create a friendly and best language exchange environment for you. With HelloTalk, you can connect with native people to chat voice, chat and use easy translation tools. Currently, this site also supports Vietnamese interface.

6. Busuu

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Busuu is a language learning app that is very familiar to many people and also has a version for mobile devices. Busuu currently has more than 60 million people worldwide.

7. italki

The italki community as of now includes 2 million members with quality lessons, teachers with many years of experience teaching foreign languages. Also, on this website, you can study English through the press, Language Exchange, join the discussion room, learn to write or ask questions.


With LRNGO, you can search for experts, tutors to learn languages ​​or search for native speakers to exchange languages. Study mode on LRNGO is video chat on Skype.

9. Linguar

Linguar offers you a free, comfortable space to find partners and learn languages ​​together. You can study via Skype, Line, WeChat or study online on the website.

10. SpeakAlley

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The online language learning community with the aim of helping learners improve their Speaking skills, at the same time, you can also participate in asking questions and discussing.

In addition to these 10 websites, you can also make friends with foreigners to learn foreign languages ​​on the following websites: Speaking 24 , Talk and Learn , English Forums , English Baby , Nekoplaza , Lingualia , My Language Exchange , PhraseBase , Unilang Language Community , Interpals Penpals , LingoGlobe , Conversation Exchange , ESL Teachers Board , Babel Village , Exchange Language Easy , Language for Exchange , Shared Talk , Polyglot Club , Coffeestrap , Language Kompis or My Happy Planet .

Bonus One:

LingApp is a language learning application with mobile and web-based versions. This application offers language students to start their learning journey from the beginner level; nevertheless, it offers content and lessons for all proficiency levels. In terms of exposure to the language through speaking, Ling App offers Ling Live, a tool that lets you connect with an experienced teacher in a private online tutoring session. The app lets you choose from over 60 languages ranging from popular languages like English and Spanish to less-known languages such as Afrikaans and Georgian.

Language learning strategy by Language Exchange method

  1. Make sure you have prepared some problems before you start chatting. This will help you avoid falling into "nothing to say" and maintain a longer conversation. Also, choose simple topics like hobbies, habits, everyday life, study .
  2. Choose the right learner, encourage to choose native people if you are a beginner.
  3. Should combine learning by chatting, calling audio and video.
  4. Focus on new words and make notes. For words that are not understood, boldly ask them to explain the meaning and usage.