Top 10 best PS1 games

PlayStation 1 is more than 20 years old, but the immortal games on this system are still attractive and many people still play it every day.

In this article, let's take a look at the top 10 best PS1 games below.

1. Final Fantasy VIII

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Final Fantasy is an attractive game franchise on the PlayStation with a unique turn-based gameplay. In terms of visuals, Final Fantasy VIII is better improved and the plot in depth. If you work hard to follow the plot and do not skip the cutscene videos, you will see Final Fantasy VIII as a beautiful love story with a magnificent shimmering world.

2. Chocobo Racing

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Chocobo Racing or animal racing is a game as famous as the Final Fantasy series. If you've ever played Final Fantasy, you'll notice some of the game's iconic characters such as the Chocobo chicken or the Black Magician (Final Fantasy IX), Cloud (Final Fantasy 7), Squall (Final Fantasy 8) . With a cute cast of characters, you will participate in an extremely exciting race and on the track, you can use special skills or collect support items to take down your enemies and claim your position. position number 1.

3. Spider-Man

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Taking the image of the favorite superhero on the screen - Spiderman, this game has attracted the attention and satisfied the expectations of the fans of this character. In the game, you control the character Spiderman to overcome the stages by going to the destination or completing the set tasks. Spiderman's special weapon is spider silk, which you can fly and use to attack enemies from a distance or tie up enemies.

4. Twisted Metal 2

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Twisted Metal 2 is an attractive and thrilling racing game. After choosing 1 of 12 battle cars, you must control your vehicle to find and destroy your opponents before they destroy you with the vehicle's weapons. The arenas in this game simulate famous locations in the world and each arena will have a variety of items and equipment for you to collect and use them to destroy enemies.

5. Grand Theft Auto 2

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Grand Theft Auto 2 aka street robbery part 2 - an engaging open world action game. With a vertical view from above, it will be difficult for gamers at first, but after getting used to this angle, you can cover a larger space. In terms of graphics, this game does not have too many highlights, but the free story and gameplay will attract more gamers.

6. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is a successful game and the number of more than 3 million game copies sold worldwide is enough to describe the attraction of this game. In this survival horror game, you play as Jill Valentine and participate in a journey of crime discovery and find a way to fight the bloodthirsty zombies caused by the T-virus.

7. Street Fighter Alpha 3

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Street Fighter Alpha 3 has many attractive game modes, especially World Tour Mode. In this mode, you choose a certain character and level up that character, unlocking many other special abilities and participating in tournaments of advanced difficulty in arenas around the world.

8. Road Rash

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Road Rash is a motorcycle racing game like many other racing games, but the difference is that you can use "dirty schemes" to defeat opponents to take the lead. As a street racing game, the player is participating in an illegal race and while racing, you may encounter the police and if you fall while the police are chasing you, you will be at risk of being caught and lost. the. To take the lead, you can use your skills to get ahead of your opponent in bends or narrow roads or use weapons and even use your feet to knock your opponent down the road.

9. Gran Turismo

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This game takes players to exciting speed encounters with great racers and the track is held in 11 different environments. Feel the agility when controlling the steering wheel and accelerator, the car seems to be a part of your body. The cars in Gran Turismo are realistically described and you can feel the authenticity of each track here.   

10. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

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Crash Bandicoot: Warped is a platform game and the player's task is to control the character Crash or Coco Bandicoot to return in time to collect 25 crystals before they fall into the wrong hands, Uka. and Neo. After collecting 25 crystals and 5 defeated bosses, the player will experience the end of the first game and the second end will be unlocked after the player returns and completes the quests. additional.  

Although the 3D graphics on PS1 are quite "painful to the eyes", the content and gameplay of famous games are plus enough to make gamers fall in love. Have a great day!