Tips for playing Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime is a horror adventure game that sends chills down your spine. The game is set in a toy manufacturing company called Playtime Co.

Poppy Playtime  used to be loved by many people including children and adults. However, suddenly one day the employees in the factory suddenly disappeared, leaving the building abandoned. Years later, you investigate the facility and are determined to uncover the mystery of what happened.

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When entering the eerily silent building, you discover toys that can move like people, attacking anyone who enters this area. You must search for clues, puzzles to solve if you want to escape the horror. During the game, you can make some friends.

Tips for playing Poppy Playtime

Decryption of security

The first chapter of the game is called 'A Tight Squeeze' where you have to first challenge a famous toy called Huggy Wuggy. As you approach the entrance, you'll see a blue scanner. Items are behind the front desk so you can't get them. The only way is to use Grabpack, but it's locked in the security room. You will see a table with buttons of different colors and you need to press the buttons in the correct sequence to open the door.

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Go to the gift shop, look for overturned boxes and find a working model train. Notice how the carriages come in different colors. Rewrite the order of the colors and use that color on the notepad in the security room.

Once inside, watch the tape of how the Grabpack works before receiving the blue hand. You can use this item to open the entrance to the factory. Now you will need the red hand.

Find the red Grabpack hand

Explore the areas around Huggy Wuggy - the toy you encounter as soon as you enter the factory.

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There are 2 doors with scanners. One door needs both Grabpack hands and the other door only needs blue hands. When you try to open the door, the power goes off leaving you in the dark. Huggy Wuggy holds in his hand the key that will open the Power Room, where you can restore the power. When you return, the 'ominous' toy will be gone.

Head down the hall and find a door labeled '05'. Go up the stairs and find the crane and the control panel. There will be 4 switches with different colors. The fuses are missing, so you'll need to find them.

Overview of the position of the switches:

  1. Blue: Left side of the panel.
  2. Red: The shelf on the right of the conveyor belt, slightly lower
  3. Yellow and Green: Opposite the room to the left of the conveyor, near the room with the scanner next to the boxes.

When you reinstall the fuse, the crane collects a glass box and places it on the belt. Inside it is the red Grabpack hand.