How to make your own dry hand sanitizer according to WHO guidelines

Dry hand sanitizer will help you limit the transmission of corona virus, as recommended by many doctors and health organizations around the world.

The status of coronavirus has not shown signs of settling down and people are very interested in prevention according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health as well as the guidance of the WHO.

One of the ways to prevent the spread of corona virus is to wash your hands with soap or dry hand wash if you cannot wash them with water. Given the current situation of dry hand sanitizer, many people are looking to buy, so why not try to make your own dry hand sanitizer according to WHO guidelines if you have not equipped yourself with a hand sanitizer bottle?

WHO has formulated a self-concoction of dry hand sanitizers with some notes, including the formula for preparing 10 liters of hand sanitizer, the volume of each preparation should not exceed 50 liters.

Instructions for making your own dry hand sanitizer

The preparation materials include:

  1. Spray bottle, bottle to extract solution.
  2. Glass jar of 10l capacity.
  3. Small funnel.
  4. Alcoholic alcohol 96%: 8333ml (antiseptic effect).
  5. Hydrogen 3%: 417ml (inactivated bacterial spores in solution).
  6. Glycerin 98%: 145ml (moisturizes hands).
  7. Distilled or boiled water to cool

Note: the above tools and materials are purchased at health facilities. Medical alcohol is likely to catch fire, so make sure to stay away from fire and power sources when preparing. Wash dispensing equipment and wear gloves when handling.

Step by step to make a dry hand wash solution:

  1. Measure out 8333ml of alcohol and pour into a bottle of less than 10 liters.
  2. Continue to measure 417ml of hydrogen peroxide and add it to the container.
  3. Measure 145ml of glycerol and place it in the container. After pouring, the gylxerin flask should be rinsed with cool boiled water due to the viscous solution. The rinse water will pour into the mixed container.
  4. Pour distilled / cooled water to cool into the container when the mixture of solutions in the bottle reaches the 10l mark. Turn the cap on immediately to avoid evaporation.
  5. Shake well to mix the contents inside the bottle.
  6. Extract the prepared solution into smaller bottles. When the extraction is completed, wait 72 hours for the bacteria in the extraction flask to be destroyed before use.

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