Common errors in mobile pull speakers and how to fix them

Portable towing speakers in the process of use are inevitable with some minor technical errors. You can refer to some common errors in mobile speaker and how to fix it through the article below.

Mobile pull speakers often come with wireless microphones so users can listen to music and sing karaoke. In addition, speakers suitcase pull also equipped with rechargeable batteries, wheels should be easy to carry when traveling, picnic. Because of that convenience, the loudspeaker is so favored. However, in the process of using the speaker will inevitably have some basic errors:

Frequently asked questions and how to fix errors in portable speakers

1. Why not connect the bluetooth to the pull speaker?

Answer: It may be because your phone's Bluetooth is not stable or because your towed suitcase speaker is in low battery condition, it may be because your speaker is connected to another device without your knowledge.

Now you can try one of these ways:

  1. Turn off the speaker and reconnect.
  2. Check if the loudspeaker is connected to another device.
  3. Check the loudspeaker's battery for low power.

If the above methods are still not possible, because the speaker's bluetooth is faulty, you should bring the speaker for warranty.

Common errors in mobile pull speakers and how to fix them Picture 1

2. How to connect the bluetooth of mobile speaker to Laptop?

Answer: You can try the following:

If your computer uses Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system, you can search for Bluetooth device on Laptop PC by right-clicking on the Bluetooth icon, selecting Add Bluetooth Device -> select PC and Device -> Bluetooth will show up. a list of Bluetooth devices. You have to select Bluetooth of the speaker so the connection is finished and your speaker has played the music.

If the device is already connected, you just need to open the Bluetooth list and it will automatically connect.

For subsequent uses that cannot be connected, simply select the old connected device, click Remove Device and reconnect from the beginning.

Common errors in mobile pull speakers and how to fix them Picture 2

3. How to connect the speaker to other devices like TV, player, music player?

Answer: There are many ways to connect from loudspeakers to other devices because the built-in speaker is 2 ways to receive sound such as: AUX IN port (using lotus wire) and connect by Bluetooth. Depending on the audio output device such as TV, DVD / CD player (usually using AUX out port) we will use the corresponding cord or music player, we can use a 3.5mm head cord and a wire output lotus to connect.

4. What is the connection distance of the tow speaker microphone and the bluetooth of the portable speaker?

Answer: Towing speakers support microphone distance from 7 - 12m and bluetooth from 5 - 10m.

6. Charge the portable speaker battery properly?

Answer: For a long battery with a bottle, you should fully charge the battery and unplug it. Do not charge more when the battery is full, especially do not charge the battery overnight to make the battery extremely fast. When the battery is 50%, you can still charge it and then turn off the charger. Should not just charge and use it, it will cause the battery to pull quickly.

The average charging time of the speakers lasts about 3-5 hours depending on the line, should not charge too long.

7. If you are using the outdoor suitcase loudspeaker and the speaker runs out of battery, can it be used to connect an external battery?

Answer: It is possible to match external batteries. Bluetooth pull speakers often use 12V batteries, only need to connect correctly 2 negative - positive heads are usable.

8. Why do you sing or pull or howling or microphone or howling, music flickering?

Answer: The howling may be because you are opening the BASS TREBLE ECHO sound of the large microphone. When singing, you should avoid standing in front of the speaker, restricting the microphone head towards the front of the loudspeaker or maybe for the following reasons:

  1. It may be because the mobile speaker is dusty, you should clean it now to prevent dust from sticking to the parts inside the speaker which will be more difficult to cure.
    Dislocating the audio path needs to open the speaker so cleverly resetting the correct position.
  2. The music is flickering, it may be because the microphone is weak on the battery or the speaker is weak.

9. What is the difference between a wooden case and a wooden box?

Answer: Speakers made of wooden crates will sound more warm, solid and clear than plastic enclosures.

10. Why is the loudspeaker sounding silky, deafening?

Answer: Due to the TREBLE BASS tuning, the volume is not suitable for the music.

11. When you turn off or turn on the speaker, why do you hear it?

Answer: Since turning off or lowering the volume level or when opening is due to the fast input power, the sudden decrease / increase of the sound is due to the capacitor being charged, causing the phenomenon.

12. Does the speaker damage the battery? Can you replace another battery?

Answer: It is possible to replace the battery with another battery for the speaker. You should use 12V batteries, dry bottles.

13. Some types of speakers don't have bluetooth, can I install bluetooth for more use?

Answer: Can you install it. You can buy an additional USB Bluetooth, then plug the USB into the USB head on the portable speaker and connect to the music player is done.

14. Where should I buy mobile speakers?

You can buy portable mobile speakers on the Website or go directly to one of the following addresses:

  1. META Hanoi: No. 56 Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay, Hanoi. Phone: 024.3785.5633
    META HCMC: 716-718 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 10, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. Phone: 028.3830.8569 is a reputable e-commerce website during the past 10 years. All mobile loudspeakers sold at this website are genuine. You can refer to some line of speakers of famous brands such as Fenda, SoundMax, Shupo.

Warranty up to 12 months. Change within 3 days when a technical error or delivery at home is made nationwide. Free shipping for orders worth over VND 500,000 in Hanoi city and Ho Chi Minh city.

Hopefully, with the above useful information, the Network Administrator will help you no longer have trouble when the speaker is having trouble again.