9 things happy people learn to ignore

Here's what you should ignore if you want to be happy and successful. It's not difficult at all, all you need to do is ignore them ...

The president and co-founder of a direct charity organization that cares for the homeless people is a 38 year old musician and tattoo artist. All over him from head to toe were full of tattoos and piercing, he also had brown dreadlock braided hair that dangled to the waist. He has run this charity since he was 20 and helped hundreds of people, including a woman I know - now she has become a successful entrepreneur.

People who are happy and successful like him and many others have the same secret of knowing how to ignore prejudices, negative people, go against the majority to make a difference and live the way only me.

Here's what you should ignore if you want to be happy and successful. It's not difficult at all, all you need to do is ignore them .

#first. Other people's reviews

Listening to other people is fine, but not completely ignoring your intuition.Throughout life, there will be many times the world is completely silent and the only thing you can hear is the beating of your heart. So learn to listen to that sound, otherwise you will never understand what it is saying.

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When spending too much time paying attention to what other people think of you, or how others want you to be, you will eventually forget your true self. So don't be afraid of other people's assessments, you know who you are and what is right for you.You don't need to become someone else just to impress or inspire others . Let them be conquered and inspired by your true self. Honestly, what does life mean if you lose yourself? Even mentors should tell you how to think, not what to think. So if someone, no matter who it is, overlooks you, it's time to ignore them and look away.

#2. Past problems

We can't change what happened, so look ahead instead of looking back. Don't be nervous, do your best and don't mind anything else. Past mistakes will give you directions, not they will define who you are.Life is a beautiful cycle of reincarnation . You are strong because you know your weaknesses. You are smart because you used to be foolish. You can laugh because you previously knew how sad.

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It will be great when you become the person you want, that even the worst things can bring important lessons that you never thought you could learn. Remember, sometimes things seem to be crumbling, in fact they are all falling somewhere. You don't have to be the one you want today doesn't mean you can't be tomorrow. Everything will be in its place, maybe not today but in the end it will be.

# 3. Small everyday frustrations

A bad day is simply a bad day. They come and go, don't let them become anything bigger. You will find it necessary to skip a few simple things because they make your heart and soul feel heavy. Go ahead and leave them alone.Don't stack those shackles on your feet . No matter what, enjoy your life right now is extremely easy. Simply let go of the irrational things that are pulling you down.

After every beautiful day there are always difficulties. You stumble and stand up again, you make mistakes, live and continue to learn. We are human and not perfect. You are hurt because you live. Think that living today is a valuable gift, breathing, thinking, enjoying and chasing after what you are passionate about. Sometimes there are troubles on the journey but there are always many other beautiful things. Always step forward even if it hurts you because you will never know what is waiting for you after the turn. Follow the list below and everything will be fine:

  1. Think positive
  2. Healthy eating
  3. Daily exercise
  4. Do not worry
  5. Work hard
  6. Laugh more
  7. Sleep well

# 4. The pain

There are two kinds of pain you will encounter in life: the pain that hurts you and the pain that changes you. But when something can be learned from there, they are just one. If you want something, you will have to endure the pain (necessary) to get it. Just as simple as that. If you're not in the place you want, take the time to picture yourself where you want to go and walk step by step towards it. You may not change your destination 1 way 1 way but you can change your direction now.

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Remember, strength does not come from what you can do until you overcome what you cannot do. It is difficult situations that create strong and successful people. No matter how hurt they are now, just keep your head up, endure and walk forward. Finally, action will take its own voice. Work hard, work hard in silence and let your success speak up.

# 5. Unnecessary work

At first, you need to learn how to say "yes" to many things to discover and know what your goals are. After that, you'll need to learn how to say "no" to many things to just focus on your goals. Stop making too many commitments and stop trying to do many things at once, start saying "no" more often. If you never say "no", you will carry too many things and all you get will be stressful and frustrating.

As Bruce Lee once said: " The problem is not to increase daily but to reduce it daily. Gradually remove what is not needed ." Many of us spend too much time on urgent things so we don't have enough time for important things. Don't be like them. Not everything we say becomes a top priority, but the way we spend time every day will tell us the truth. Let your daily tasks tell you what your real priorities are.

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# 6. Thoughts are not consistent

Patience is not just about waiting, it's also the ability to keep a positive attitude while continuing to work hard for what you believe. It is a willingness to concentrate, confident step by step, believing that you will move a mountain by leaving each small stone. Each stone you move, whether they are big or small, is only part of the process.

Whether you are improving your health, learning a new skill or starting a business, you will not be able to hope immediately. Instead, you will have to devote the best abilities you have and understand that changes really need time. Sometimes it will be difficult to see the whole process. Sometimes you will be annoyed when the results you seek do not come as quickly as hoped. Still, you are getting better. Keep going.Maybe you are moving the stones slowly but you are still moving a mountain.

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# 7. Things are out of control

Do not force anything. Do the best you can, leave them alone. If possible, they will come true, don't pull yourself down by things you can't control. Stop talking about problems and start thinking about solutions. Forget what might be wrong even for a second.

Remember that changes happen for a reason. Just follow it. They may not be easy at first and not ideal but eventually they will bring some value. In the good phase, everything is comfortable and in a certain order, you will be very easy to feel satisfied and forget that you can live a much richer life.The unforeseen issues are the "demons" needed to push you forward because they will eventually end but the lessons and maturity you get from them will last forever .

#8. Baseless fears

Live is to overcome fear and be ready to take risks. If you don't take risks, you will never know your abilities. Honestly, nothing in this world is worth fearing just that you don't understand them. Now is the time to expand your safety zone to experience new things and understand more, and in the long run, you will be less afraid.

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Of course, the reality is that sometimes we will feel scared. The problem is not to feel afraid but what you do when you feel that way. When in doubt, fear, anxiety, anger, remember that you can definitely throw them away, as well as withdraw your hand from the fire so that you don't get hot. Remind yourself to focus on the good, achievable and within your goals.What originates in the mind will be what you get in life . So keep thinking about the person you want to be, leave those meanings motivated by action and reality will become like you think.

# 9. The doubts do not stop

Believe in yourself when going through a difficult time.

  1. Believe in your own ability to succeed.
  2. Believe that relationship is worth your effort.
  3. Believing that people on the path to perfection need to make mistakes.
  4. Believing that people can be both foolish and intelligent, both generous and selfish, both tense and happy at a time.
  5. Believing that very few people intentionally hurt others.
  6. Believe that there are many ways to get to the right things.
  7. Believe in your intuition, especially when you have to choose between the two paths that are good.
  8. Believe that the answer is waiting for you out there.
  9. Believe that the journey is the destination.
  10. And believe that all are worth it.

As Roal Dahl once said: " And above all, look at the world around you with sparkling eyes by the greatest secrets that always hide in the most unexpected places. Those who don't believe in things. magic will never find them ".