5 familiar but dirty items on the plane

If you frequently travel by plane, take note of the items below because these are unexpectedly dirty items.

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Aircraft are now becoming a familiar means of many people, but you know there are unexpectedly dirty items.

It's okay if your flight is close by, but for those with long-haul flights it is worth noting. In fact, our bodies are more susceptible to infection when traveling by this means, because the humidity in the cabin is less than 20%. This is a favorable moisture for bacteria to easily develop and penetrate into the human body, especially colds.

Read this article to know what is the dirtiest place on the plane and how to keep yourself healthy.

1. Dining table on the plane

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The table surface is the place that contains the most bacteria, the amount of bacteria is estimated per 1 unit area, 8 times more than the toilet flush button.

In each table, there are 2,155 bacteria clusters per square inch (equivalent to 6.5 square centimeters - denoted by CFU / sq). Meanwhile, the amount of bacteria on the toilet flush button is only 127 cluster / 1 square inch.

The number of bacteria on the table is varied, not only the virus that causes the flu, but also HPV, which causes diarrhea and vomiting, and the MRSA virus that causes skin infections.

The explanation for the cause of this high infection is that long flights often take short breaks between trips, so the flight attendants will not be able to clean up everything on the passengers' dining table.

So to protect yourself, wipe the table with a wet sheet of paper. Or you can use napkin or plate to put food on it, avoid directly on the table.

2. Air conditioner and seatbelt button

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These things are used very often on every flight, so it is not surprising if they are on the dirtiest list.

The amount of bacteria measured on the regulating node surface was up to 286 CFU / sq (286 bacteria / 6.5 cm square). In the safety belt, the amount of bacteria was no less than 239 CFU / sq (239 bacteria / 6.5 square centimeters).

Obviously we cannot because of the amount of bacteria that do not fasten, or the conditioning is too cold, but after each use of these items, you should use a little dry hand sanitizer. enough to protect you.

3. Toilet

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Toilets are of course a place of high bacteria, especially on airplanes, it is no different from public WC. Imagine a flight of about 100 people, only 50 passengers entering the WC room would be enough to make the contaminated area like never cleaned. This is for many people to be scary, but for long flights it is too normal, takes place regularly.

A small way to help you protect yourself against the bacteria when you have to go 'heaven' is, use a tissue to cover the door handle before you step outside. In addition, as mentioned above, it is possible to use dry hand wash after going to the toilet.

4. Bags behind the seat

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This is a multi-zi-bag of most passengers, they can contain tissues, dirty garbage, even diapers for babies or vomit bags .

In fact, because the time off is so short that the staff can not clean up the garbage, what to say to clean the bag. According to experts from the University of Auburn, Alabama, MRSA virus can live up to 7 days on the surface of the bag behind the chair.

5. Seats next to the road

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According to some studies, people in the front row are most susceptible to bacterial infection, because this is a place that contains many bacteria.

Imagine, whoever passes by also has his hand on the edge of the chair, including those who have just finished toileting, how much bacteria does it contain?

So it can be said, even if the seats are close to the road, the advantage is to help you feel a little more comfortable, but the cleanliness needs to be reviewed.

Therefore, be careful when "touching" the seat of the road, or do not tilt your head towards it when you sleep.