Why Are Casinos Not on GamStop So Popular?

Online gambling is a fun and exciting form of online entertainment for adults who act responsibly with their actions.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a grown adult putting a little money in an online casino account and subsequently enjoying a few hours of online casino play. That's exactly why online gambling in the UK has become the rage over the last couple of years.

Unfortunately, there is a negative side to online gambling. In the hands of the wrong person, too much online gambling can turn into a serious online gambling problem. Eventually, an online gambling problem could become a full-blown gambling addiction if not addressed.

Knowing this, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is very aggressive about mandating that licensed UK online gambling operators provide online gamblers with access to certain responsible gambling/problem gambling resources. In fact, the UKGC demands membership in the GamStop Self-exclusion scheme under the threat of fines and the revoking of licenses.

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What UK Online Gamblers Need to Know About GamStop

If a UK online gambler suspects they may be falling into the grips of a gambling problem, they can register with GamStop for free through most if not all UK licensed online gambling websites. As part of the registration process, they will need to provide personal information and prescribe their own self-exclusion time period. As a voluntary program, casinos not under Gamstop allows gamblers to self-exclude for 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years.

After pushing the registration "send" button, registered gamblers are immediately blocked from accessing any online gambling websites that are licensed in the UK with a small caveat. Not all licensed operators have yet complied with the UKGC's GamStop mandate.

Since the program works, UK online gamblers need to make sure they really want to be self-excluded before hitting the send button. Once they do that, the exclusion WILL stay in place until expiration. That does create a problem for UK gamblers who have a change of heart about their online gambling activities.

How GamStop Gamblers Can Get Around GamStop

When properly motivated to start gambling again in spite of having an active GamStop status, gamblers will go in search of other alternatives. What they will find is they are some very good ways to get around GamStop. The list of options includes:

  1. Enlisting the gambling services of an offshore provider while using a VPN
  2. Opening partnered online gambling accounts under the names of trusted partners
  3. Become a crypto-only online gambler
  4. Locate and register with low account verification operators
  5. Take gambling activities to land-based gambling establishments

There is one other option that is generally considered the most popular option among GamStop gamblers who need refuge. That would be enlisting the services of a UK online gambling operator that has not subscribed to the GamStop scheme.

Why Are Casinos Not on GamStop So Popular?

For the GamStop gamblers who are considering only UK casinos that do not use GamStop blocker, there are reasons why these options are so popular. Aside from being able to avoid GamStop scrutiny, GamStop gamblers like some of the other benefits this option offers. Let's look at a few of these other benefits.

Enduring Fewer Government Restrictions

If a UK online operator is unlicensed and not subscribed to the GamStop scheme, they are indicating that they prefer operating under fewer government restrictions. As long as an operator accepts bets in good faith and treats UK gamblers with respect, there is a sense that some of the mandates the UKGC has set forth might be excessive. While no reliable operator objects to providing access to GamStop, some of them do avoid the program because of the fee and threats against their licenses.

This level of non-compliance is popular with a lot of GamStop gamblers who just want to play casino games and bet sports without too much government interference.

Credit Cards Can Be Used as a Funding/Withdrawal Option

Another mandate that has been issued through the UKGC by the UK government is the recent ban on using credit cards to fund gambling accounts. That has created a problem for a lot of online gamblers who don't have access to other banking options. They like the fact that non-compliant non GamStop operators might also be willing to still accept credit cards as a viable banking option.

Better Bonus Promotions

Given the perception that non GamStop online gambling operators are riskier, the operators have found they can squelch some concerns by showing a willingness to offer better bonus promotions. GamStop gamblers seem to like the idea they can get a little extra value from their wagering dollars if they have higher risk tolerance.

By the way, the evidence suggests that a great many of the current non GamStop operators are quite reputable and reliable. The perception problem is something that the GamStop program tends to push on behalf of the UK Gambling Commission.