The New York Times fashion director only uses the iPhone 5 with a BlackBerry keyboard

Not choosing to buy expensive high-end devices, fashion expert Vanessa Friedman only uses low-end smartphones with just enough features.

Most users want to upgrade their phones and technology products to the latest version when they are eligible. All are fascinated by the wings advertising and the desire to show superiority. But, who has used all the features that the iPhone 7 Plus or Galaxy S7 Edge equipped to have a new life?

The New York Times fashion director only uses the iPhone 5 with a BlackBerry keyboard Picture 1
Famous fashion critic Vanessa Friedman.

Vanessa Friedman, fashion director and famous critic in the New York Times had an interesting sharing about the technology items that she used. Not following the trend of upgrading, Vanessa only uses low-end smartphones, towards efficiency to solve problems instead of following the trend.

Unexpectedly, she is still using the iPhone 5 launched half a decade ago with a laptop for work. The reason is because the phone is equipped with an external keyboard accessory for fast typing like that of BlackBerry. In addition, Vanessa enjoys the iPhone 5 because she can bring it along with fashion shows to retype a 1,000-word comment.

' I can't do that (typing cards) with the touch screen. Nor did I bring anything bigger than the phone, because there were loads of sneaky things on my side . '

Computers and phones have also become a tool for Vanessa to capture common psychology to follow current fashion trends. ' I also use devices to surf Instagram, Facebook and other news sites to see what people are wearing everyday. As for catwalk fashion trends, I take advantage of my vision . '

Vanessa Friedman is the professional commentator on wearable technology. She said that one day, smartwatches will be aesthetic enough to replace traditional watches, but can not give a specific time.

The problem now, smart watches are lacking in sophistication. It is like a purely technological item that is not fashionable enough or still tries to follow the shadow of a traditional watch. According to Vanessa, a new direction is needed to create a breakthrough for this segment.

The New York Times fashion director only uses the iPhone 5 with a BlackBerry keyboard Picture 2
Vanessa Friedman's favorite tech gadget is an iPhone 5 with a physical keyboard.

In addition to things for work, Vanessa only uses Kindle to read e-books. She also used via iPad and smartwatch but not attractive enough. When she had to wait in front of the shows, she pulled out Kindle to devour every single word to reduce boredom.

' I care about the efficiency and functionality of technology items that can solve problems instead of unrealistic things .'

iPhone 5, Kindle is more than enough and handy for a busy woman like Vanessa. Sometimes, the stage lighting made the screen glare hard to read, but even so, the technology items she selected were still useful.

Vanessa is proud that both her 16-year-old and 14-year-old daughters have chosen the same technology as her. Both use Snapchat to chat with friends and Spotify to find music because they are easy to use. The 11-year-old youngest son listens to music with Spotify.

But above all, the Vanessa children have a special affection for iPhone phones. That may be the reason why Apples still stand on the glory of the mobile industry. The company prioritizes perfecting products, simplifying things and aiming for user convenience.