How to build a squad of Steel Assassins Arena of Truth season 2

With the assassin of Steel Arena, season 2, you need to note the time between and the end of the game to have the advantage of the last time of the match.

Assassin - Steel Arena Truths season 2 is one of the quite effective squad with critical damage ability accompanied with the ability to put up fast damage. This formation can quickly send the main carry of the enemy team.

Below is a guide to the DTCL Steel 9.2.2 squad that you should refer to if you want an effective source of damage.

  1. Some tips to help you advance to the Top 4 easily in the Arena of Truth
  2. Some simple tips to help you climb high in the Arena of Truth
  3. The equipment list appears along with the Bandit Gloves on the level in the Arena of Truth

Analysis of the assassin squad of Steel Arena 9.22

Assassin General

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In addition to Kha'Zix and Zed appeared in the Arena of Truth season 1, then in DTCL season 2. We will have the presence of 4 new Assassins that are LeBlanc, Diana, Qiyana and Noctune. Each assassin's skill will be completely different when Zed will no longer use Sharp Darts but will be Shadow Clone.

As for Kha'Zix, this mantis will now be worth 4 money along with the Void Assault skill. As for Kha'Zix, he will use Void Assault. These will be the two main carries of the Assassin squad.

Although the slightest change in skill was completed, the characteristics of the assassin's damage did not change. Also retaining the intrinsic intact is jumping backwards into the enemy formation. Assassin squad DTCL 9.22 will be updated as follows:

  1. 3 Assassins: 75% critical strike damage and 10% critical chance
  2. 6 Assassins: 150% critical strike damage and 20% critical chance

General Steel

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Steel is a new Element with only two generals, Noctune and Rek'Sai. The Steel 's ability is immune to damage for a short period of time. Support for the Steel generals to survive longer during battles.

Specifically, the Steel clan will give its generals immunity to damage damage for a few seconds when their health drops below 50%, namely:

  1. 2 Steel: 2 seconds immune
  2. 3 Steel: 3 seconds immune
  3. 4 Steel: 4 seconds immune

With only a few extremely important seconds, the two Steel generals will be able to attract opponent's damage as well as drag the team to cause discomfort.

Strength of Steel Assassin squad

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  1. Deal great damage, put good damage. Can one shot - one kill a general or the main carry of the enemy team.
  2. The squad is quite easy to build
  3. The placement of champions for the squad is not so important.
  4. High towing ability of the two generals Steel
  5. Well countered All-in tactics

Weaknesses of Steel Assassin squad

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  1. Weak in the late game
  2. Strength is only effective when there are full champions
  3. Much depends on "dignity" to be able to gain strength

Guide to build Steel Assassin squad

Early game

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The champions that will help you lose less blood at the beginning of the game will be:

  1. 3 Assassins: Diana, Noctune, Leblanc
  2. 2 Steel: Rek'Sai, Noctune

Most importantly, you must pick three killer 2 gold champions at the beginning of the game to ensure the team has standard damage. Owning a Assassin general is also an advantage that will help you win, so you can accumulate gold and have an advantage when you own enough Assassins at a later time in the game.

The two Steel generals also take part in damage and resistance, avoiding the early game loss that can lead to a later stage will be extremely difficult. Try to collect items related to offensive power such as BF Sword, Needlessly Large Rods, . These items will be effective when you have all 6 Assassins.

Between game

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The most ideal champion in this stage would be:

  1. 6 Assassins: Zed, Qiyana, Diana, Noctune, Leblanc, Kha'Zix
  2. 2 Steel: Rek'Sai, Noctune

If the first phase of the match succeeds with the money saved, you can completely level up and own all 6 Assassins in your squad. Thus, the ability to put the damage as well as the strength of the minister will be maximized, and you can completely get some enemy teams out of the game early before the end of the game.

And to have the advantage in the late game, you should spend money and up to 3 stars for the main generals in the team. If fortunate to have the right equipment for the main generals, the middle of the game will be the strongest phase of the Steel Assassins.


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If there are 8 slots at the end of the match, you will have an ideal formation as follows if the dignity is good:

  1. 6 Assassins: Noctune, Leblanc, Diana, Zed, Kha'Zix, Qiyana
  2. 2 Steel: Noctune, Rek'Sai
  3. 2 Hell: Annie, Diana
  4. 2 Desert: Kha'Zix, Azir

During this period, the Steel Assassin squad began to weaken. At this time, the main generals of the enemy squad are certainly equipped and protected around. So exterminating them is quite difficult.

In the meantime, besides building items as well as lifting so that the main generals in the squad, you can add more damage with names like Annie and Azir to activate the Fire and Sand clan. This will add additional damage to the current squad, with the addition of the Tribe buff now necessary because it will be a good way to maintain the strength of the enemy team when the Assassins have passed the threshold. strong.

Make use of the power of equipment and 3 star generals to defeat the enemy and win. If you've had a successful mid game, take advantage of your late-game gains to maintain the advantages you already have.

Above is a guide to playing the Steel Assassin squad of Truth Arena 9.22. You need to pay attention to the arrangement of the main carry position of the enemy team, so it is possible to arrange the Assassins in the appropriate positions to be able to quickly destroy the enemy's main hero.