Funny pictures: How has technology changed the lives of cats?

Modern technology has changed the lives of cats quite a lot.

Perhaps hard to believe, but this is true, not only humans but also pet-specific animals are also greatly influenced by modern technology. One of them is cats, modern technology has changed their lives quite a lot. To see this clearly, please check out the funny but no less interesting and meaningful photo below.

Sleeping on TV was not as comfortable as it used to be.

When she's with humans instead of lying on books like before, cats are now on laptops.

The warm place to cuddle has shrunk.

Computer mice become the new target of cats to replace normal mice in every hunt.

Bird watching is now only through the laptop screen.

The objects that cats pull out to play with also change with the development of technology.

Friends of cats.

Catch 'virtual' fish on tabet.

Dating through social networks.

Entertainment on the phone.

Practice running on a treadmill.

Cat's "home".

Take a picture with 'lotus'.

Fun when free.

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Funny pictures: How has technology changed the lives of cats?

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