Which hair dryer is the best, the cheapest?

Hair dryer is an indispensable household item, especially for women. You will always feel comfortable when you need to wash your hair because you already have a hair dryer, your hair will dry quickly.

Hair dryer is an indispensable household item, especially for women. But do you know which hair dryer is good, durable and affordable? The following article will help you choose the type of hair dryer that has a reasonable price and quality guaranteed.

To buy a hair dryer like that, you need to keep in mind first:

  1. Understand the working principle of hair dryer.
  2. Understand the criteria when choosing to buy a hair dryer.
  3. Choose good products at affordable prices.

Structure and principles of hair dryer operation:


A hair dryer will consist of resistance wires (or tungsten wires), blowers, switches, thermal relays and wind-up parts.

Hair dryers have one / two small switches on the outside of the dryer handle to adjust the heat / fan speed. Accessories may have additional wind direction adjustment covers that can be attached to the output side of the dryer.

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Principle of operation:

With a hair dryer, when a current flows through the resistor coil, it is heated and radiates a lot of heat. Then, the fan is responsible for drawing air into the machine and pushing it forward to create a hot air flow of fans and tungsten coils.

The longer the coil is, the bigger the resistance, the faster it will heat the air. The higher the quality of the blower, the greater the wind speed and the faster the drying.

Top quality and cheapest hair dryers today:

To choose to buy a good hair dryer product, the problem you need to pay attention to is the brand, then the criteria and specifications of the machine.

Among the popular hair dryer brands on the market today, Panasonic and Philips are the leading brands. At a slightly lower price, there are hair dryer products of Hichiko, BlueStone, Sunhouse .

Ordinary dryers, which do not have many hairdressing or styling functions, will cost quite cheaply from just over VND 100,000.

1. Philips HP8108 hair dryer


  1. Modern design.
  2. Powerful capacity.
  3. Stable operation.
  4. Good price.
  5. Material is easy to clean.


  1. Small design should be suitable for travel, business or personal use rather than for family

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2. Sunhouse SHD2305 hair dryer


  1. Fashion design with mainstream blue tones.
  2. Compact size, can be folded
  3. High quality materials, high durability
  4. Sunhouse's 12-month warranty


  1. The low steam capacity should be suitable for use with thinner hair

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3. Panasonic EH-ND30 hair dryer


  1. Design, sleek and delicate
  2. Maximum power up to 1.800W
  3. 3 levels of drying: Rapid drying and heat dissipation (level 3), slow drying and warming (level 2) and cooling (level 1)
  4. Built-in heat protection mode, protects hair from high heat
  5. Warranty 12 months


  1. The dryer head is small

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These are useful information for choosing an efficient hair dryer and cheap and quality hair dryers. Hopefully, you will choose the type of hair dryer like that!

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