Tutorial to draw Anime Chibi characters step by step

Stylized Chibi anime characters with a large head and small body, suitable for a cute storyline, fast and simple scenes.

Chibi is a Japanese slang with the meaning of a tiny, "short" but lovely character. "Chibi" anime characters are stylized with a large head and small body. In this article, TipsMake.com will guide you through the steps to easily draw a cute Anime Chibi character.

Tutorial to draw Anime Chibi characters step by step Picture 1
Draw Anime Chibi characters step by step

This type of character fits into a cute storyline, fast and simple scenes because character lines can be made much faster than the original model. Adding a special feature of Anime Chibi is that they have big heads so it is easy to show a variety of emotions, helping the character become more lively.

Let's start!

Step 1: Determine the body rate

Tutorial to draw Anime Chibi characters step by step Picture 2
Determine the proportion of Chibi character body

The anime Chibi has a very diverse and rich body percentage according to the drawing's preferences, there is no standard figure for this ratio. Some characters may have large heads almost as much as their bodies, and there are also characters whose height is quite balanced and similar to standard anime characters.

With the example above, draw the body of the character with the height of 1.5 heads, the body of the body with the length of the leg. The Chibi character's hands and feet can be drawn in a minimalist way, without the need for details of fingers or toes, like wearing gloves and a leg.

Step 2: Draw faces

Tutorial to draw Anime Chibi characters step by step Picture 3
Determine the Chibi character face rate

Please note that these ratios are just the same suggestions as the upper body ratio. In order to express the characteristics and emotions on the character's face, use this ratio and draw as follows:

  1. Draw a line across the middle of the head, draw the eyes and ears below the line, as high as 1/4 of the face.
  2. Draw a horizontal line between the bottom of the eye and the chin, drawing the mouth below the line.
  3. Draw a horizontal line 1/8 from the top of the eye and draw the eyebrows below.

Usually with Chibi characters you don't need to draw nostril details. Moreover, there is no need to draw ears because it will be covered by hair.

Step 3: Draw character hair

Tutorial to draw Anime Chibi characters step by step Picture 4
Draw hair for Chibi anime character

Chibi heads are usually very large so hair also takes up a lot of "area", many details, so be more careful to take care of the hair for the Chibi.

For the character's hair in the example above, draw the top of the hair in the shape of the head and branch it into small clusters towards the face to form curls.

Delete the brush strokes that have been covered by hair after you're done. You can leave your eyebrows and other facial features overlapping on your hair, as this is quite common for Chibi anime and manga characters.

Step 4: Draw clothes

Tutorial to draw Anime Chibi characters step by step Picture 5
Add clothes to your Chibi

Like other details, Chibi costumes still tend to be simplified, drawn in less detail, clothes without many complicated folds.

In the case in the example, we let the character wear a basic school uniform. Draw the top of the outfit as well as the shoes and stockings that hold the shape of the body with the sleeves and skirt spread out at the bottom.

Step 5: Go back to the finish, finish drawing Chibi

Tutorial to draw Anime Chibi characters step by step Picture 6
Go back to the complete strokes, delete the sketches

Complete the drawing by adding smaller details.

In addition to the eyes of the pupils, the shadow of the eyes is sparkling, the eyelashes are added, a few lines of the cheeks are added. Draw a line to divide the eyes, the upper part will be highlighted because the area tends to be darker because of the shadows created by eyelashes.

On clothes, just need to add buttons for the costume.

Step 6: Coloring and shading the character

Tutorial to draw Anime Chibi characters step by step Picture 7
Fill the character with vivid colors

You choose the right color to paint for each area. If you're coloring on paper, leave the white shadows reflected in your eyes, hair, and buttons on your outfit. If the color is digital, then let these details be final.

Next, paint the ball in the following way:

  1. Darken the neck.
  2. Add shadows on the face made up of hair.
  3. Add shadows on the legs made up of skirts.
  4. Add small shadows on the hands made up of sleeves.
  5. Darken the upper part of the iris
  6. Add a very small shadow to the top of the white area in the eye made up of eyelashes.

The neck part is completely darkened, the hair, the skirt, the sleeves and the eyelashes are just a small shadow. In the dark area of ​​the eye, half fill it based on the dividing line drawn in the previous step.


The Chibi character that we learn has a very diverse shape. TipsMake.com's guide here is just one of the most popular examples. You can fully adjust yourself, change the rates creatively according to your preferences and style. Do not hesitate to challenge.

Good luck!