Overcoming AI and cloud, blockchain is the top job hunted in 2020

Blockchain will surpass AI and cloud computing to become the most sought-after technology / job skills in the global business community in 2020.

Bitcoin is certainly no longer a hotbed in 2020, but the underlying technology that comes with it - blockchain - is expected to be in huge demand worldwide this year.

This argument was further reinforced after the world's largest business-oriented social networking platform: LinkedIn, published investigation results showing that blockchain will surpass AI and cloud computing to become technology / engineering. job skills are most sought after by the global business community in 2020.

In addition, a survey posted on LinkedIn's blog last week showed that 'blockchain' is the most requested job skills in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France and Germany - more popular than with cloud computing, artificial intelligence and UX design.

5 soft skills most sought after by companies in 2020: Creativity, persuasion, cooperation, adaptability, intelligence / emotional intelligence.

The 10 most sought after hard skills: Blockchain, cloud computing, analytical reasoning, AI, UX design, business analysis, affiliate marketing, sale, computer science and video production.

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Top skills required in 2020

`` Blockchain has emerged as a remarkable bright spot in the once-dated mess of cryptocurrencies to become an age-old business solution, '' a LinkedIn expert said.

In addition, LinkedIn also urged employers to immediately begin to familiarize themselves with how blockchain works, as well as understand the real benefits that it brings to businesses.

'Many companies are thinking that the potential of blockchain is worth the bet. Indeed, Blockchain has become one of the strategic businesses of many leading businesses in the world: IBM, Oracle, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft (LinkedIn's parent company), Amazon, American Express, and many big names. other'.

There are two aspects that LinkedIn refers to: hard skills and soft skills.

  • Hard skills are skills related to the ability to perform specific tasks, mainly technical skills and specialized knowledge. For example, for software developers, mastering the programming language will be a hard skill.
  • Soft skills relate to the way you perform tasks and requirements at work. The way a person behaves, the way they think and their cognitive skills are all examples of soft skills.

Soft skills are universal, they need to be acquired and improved over time, through many different types of jobs. For hard skills, LinkedIn gives advice to those who want to step into the blockchain world this year: Learn and master the type of programming language used to write the smart contract Ethereum: Solidity.

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Overcoming AI and cloud, blockchain is the top job hunted in 2020

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