[Experience] Which refrigerator is the best and the most durable one?

Should I buy the best refrigerator? This is a question most people ask when they need to buy a refrigerator.

The refrigerator mayor is extremely diverse. Only briefly have more than a dozen brands of refrigerators, not to mention each brand has dozens of different product lines. That's why many people wonder 'which refrigerator is best to buy ?'. Please answer this question with TipsMake.com!


  1. Experience buying the best refrigerator
  2. Should buy a refrigerator of the best company today?
    1. Samsung refrigerator
    2. Sharp refrigerator
    3. Hitachi refrigerator
    4. Panasonic refrigerator
    5. Toshiba refrigerator
    6. Electrolux refrigerator

Experience buying the best refrigerator

A best refrigerator in addition to quality assurance, to meet user needs must also be affordable to users. Here are some experiences to buy refrigerators that will help you:

Refrigerator capacity

The capacity to understand is simply the capacity and storage of food of the refrigerator. It is recommended to choose a refrigerator with a capacity that usually depends on the number of members in your family:

  1. Refrigerator with a capacity of 150 liters or less (mini fridge): For families with 1 - 3 people.
  2. Refrigerator capacity of 150 liters - 300 liters: Suitable for families with 3-5 members.
  3. Refrigerator capacity of 300 liters - 450 liters: Suitable for families with 5 - 7 members.
  4. Refrigerator with capacity of 450 liters or more: Suitable for families with 7 people or more.

How to choose a refrigerator capacity according to the number of users is only relative. For example, if your family has few people but do business in a restaurant, of course you need to choose a device with a large capacity to preserve food.

[Experience] Which refrigerator is the best and the most durable one? Picture 1

Select refrigerator capacity according to the number of users

Fridge design

Refrigerator manufacturers are constantly innovating their product designs to give users more choices.

  1. Mini refrigerator: Capacity less than 150 liters, mainly 1-wing type (there are also some products with two wings). The design of the mini fridge is quite simple, does not require much space and usually only has basic features.
  2. 2-wing refrigerator: This is the most commonly used and popular refrigerator. This product line consists of 2 types of fridge with 2 freezer compartments and 2-compartment fridge with freezer compartment.
  3. 3-wing refrigerator: It is divided into 3 freezer compartments on normal and French Door refrigerator with lower stone compartment, 2 narrow compartments above.
  4. 4-wing refrigerator: As one of the multi-door refrigerators with capacity usually from 200 liters - 700 liters. Multi-wing refrigerators have good heat resistance and are often equipped with many modern features and technologies.
  5. Side refrigerator by side: Belonging to high-class refrigerator with capacity of 400 liters or more. The side by side refrigerator usually has at least two wings and the refrigerator door opens from the middle. Not only luxury design, these products are also the place where the most advanced technologies are gathered.

[Experience] Which refrigerator is the best and the most durable one? Picture 2

Refrigerator side by side

Features of refrigerator

The features in the refrigerator you choose must meet the demand. The refrigerator has more and more smart features, the more expensive the price is and vice versa. The series of mini refrigerators, 2-wing refrigerators usually only have the function of preserving basic food, while high-end products such as side by side refrigerators bring you many utilities with a variety of features. Smart as soft freezing, automatic ice making, taking stones from the outside, timer, automatically adjusting temperature, .

Power saving capability

In fact, the refrigerator contributes a 'quite significant' part of your family's electricity bill. According to our experience of buying refrigerators, to save more electricity, you should choose inverter refrigerators. In addition to saving electricity, inverter technology also helps the refrigerator to be more durable and quieter.

[Experience] Which refrigerator is the best and the most durable one? Picture 3

Inverter technology helps the refrigerator save more electricity

Price for refrigerator

Refrigerators are almost always available. So please rest assured! You will definitely find the right product for your budget. Refer to the price below for a suitable option:

  1. Mini fridge, 1-wing refrigerator: Price ranges from 2 to 5 million VND.
  2. 2-wing refrigerator: Price ranges from 3 to 100 million VND.
  3. 3-wing refrigerator: Price ranges from 10 to 100 million VND
  4. 4-wing refrigerator: Popular price from VND 15 million or more
  5. Side refrigerator by side: Prices fluctuate widely from 15-200 million.


There are many manufacturers of refrigerators, but not every company gives us quality products at good prices. So which refrigerator should I buy? The next part of the article will share more details with you about this issue.

Should buy a refrigerator of the best company today?

What is the best refrigerator company today? This is probably the question that most people who buy a refrigerator set out. Only when you choose a reputable brand can you find a quality-guaranteed refrigerator. Here are some typical names we would like to nominate you:

Samsung refrigerator

Samsung is a name that is so familiar to us. Samsung refrigerators have an elegant and sophisticated design with luxurious metallic tones. Not only that, these product lines are also equipped with the most advanced technologies in the world such as soft freezer, dome cooling technology, multi-dimensional cooling, inverter technology, independent indoor and outdoor cooling systems. antibacterial deodorant technology, activated carbon filter, external water and stone extraction system, smart touch panel, .

[Experience] Which refrigerator is the best and the most durable one? Picture 4

Samsung refrigerator with luxurious design

Sharp refrigerator

Sharp is an extremely popular consumer electronics brand in Japan. Sharp refrigerators are quite diverse in types, designs, high durability and power saving. The technology integrated in this refrigerator line is also highly appreciated, such as the J-tech Inverter technology, Extra Eco mode to save electricity; Technology PCI, Nano Silver technology, Nano Silver Copper deodorant, bactericidal; Dual-cooling, multidirectional cooling system enables quick and even cooling, .

[Experience] Which refrigerator is the best and the most durable one? Picture 5

Sharp refrigerator

Hitachi refrigerator

Which refrigerator is good? Hitachi brand products will be a great choice for your family. Hitachi refrigerators are appreciated by most consumers with advantages such as various designs, smart design, modern and durable. Some typical technologies are applied on Hitachi refrigerators such as Air Jet cooling technology, Minus Zero technology, Frost Recycling technology, and dual fan system for quick and even cooling; Inverter technology, Eco sensor, cold air flow regeneration technology, VIP vacuum insulation panels help save power consumption; Nano Titanium technology and 3-effect filter help effectively deodorize, antibacterial, .

[Experience] Which refrigerator is the best and the most durable one? Picture 6

Hitachi refrigerator

Panasonic refrigerator

In the list of the best refrigerators today, it is definitely indispensable for the name Panasonic. The first thing that people appreciate about Panasonic refrigerators is the variety of types. You can easily find in Panasonic the 2-way freezer fridge, refrigerator with 2 freezer doors, 3-door refrigerator, 6-door multi-door refrigerator or luxurious side by side refrigerators. Panasonic refrigerators are capable of preserving food extremely well thanks to being equipped with the most modern proprietary technologies such as Panorama technology, multi-dimensional cold airflow technology for optimal cooling; Ag Clean technology, Hygiene Active technology, silver-coated air filter, Green Led lamp has deodorizing and antibacterial effect; inverter technology, Econavi sensor for maximum saving of power consumption, .

[Experience] Which refrigerator is the best and the most durable one? Picture 7

Panasonic refrigerator

Toshiba refrigerator

Toshiba is appreciated by many people as one of the best refrigerator lines today. Toshiba refrigerators offer users a wide range of choices thanks to the variety of types. Simple design but delicate, luxurious and durable. The cooling technology of Toshiba's food preservation is not inferior to any name on the market today: Cool Air Warp System circulating cooling technology brings the ability to cool quickly and evenly; Inverter technology saves up to 40-50% of power consumption; Ag Bio system, Hybrid Bio, Led Hybrid, Double Deodorize dual-odor system help eliminate bacteria odor; Ultra Cooling Zone soft freezing technology helps preserve fresh food better, .

[Experience] Which refrigerator is the best and the most durable one? Picture 8

Toshiba refrigerator

Electrolux refrigerator

Should buy a refrigerator of the best company? If the above names still do not satisfy you, please refer to the product line of Electrolux. Electrolux brand Electrolux refrigerator (Sweden) has a luxurious and sophisticated design with the main silver and black tones. The device is highly durable thanks to its high quality material such as stainless steel. Smart technology platform helps refrigerator Electrolux operate effectively such as multi-dimensional cold air flow technology, Deo Fresh deodorizing system, Market Fresh Crisper storage compartment can control humidity, Inverter technology helps save 30 - 50% of electricity, .

[Experience] Which refrigerator is the best and the most durable one? Picture 9

Electrolux refrigerator

In addition to the 6 brands of refrigerators, such as Aqua refrigerators, Mitsubishi refrigerators, Beko refrigerators, LG refrigerators, etc. are also worth considering.

Hopefully our sharing will help you gain more experience in buying refrigerators and know which one to buy the best, most durable, most energy efficient refrigerator. Visit META.vn for more detailed advice.

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